Friday, November 18, 2011

No Light.

You are the hole in my head
You are the space in my bed
You are the silence in between
What I thought and what I said

It's only 8:30 and it's already been the longest morning of my life. I'm caught between two rocks right now. The kids have both been snotty and hacky for the past week, but it's not the first time in the past two months that they've been like this. Do I let them ride it out like last time? Do I drag them into the doctor and hope that their insurance has kicked in? Do I go knowing they'll give them antibiotics that I'm not excited about them receiving? Do I ignore all the old man's worries about the kids? They have NOT had fevers so I'm literally in no rush to make a decision, even though my subconscious apparently is. It's going to be a Florence + The Machine kind of day... I can just tell these things. Here's their latest and it's already stuck in my head.


  1. If they are not running a fever and lying about listlessly, I wouldn't worry about it. They will most likely spontaneously recover.

  2. They "spontaneously recovered" last time as well. I just want to put the old man's worries to rest so he can stop asking me, "When are you taking them? Are you going to do anything about this? I think he's running a fever, why haven't you taken them to the doctor yet? Do you need me to pay for the doctor?" I haven't been up for more than an hour.

  3. LOVE Florence + the Machine. Hope your kiddos get feeling better!

    And YES, BBC's are heaven on earth! :)

  4. A little mommy advice, in ADDITION to prayers for your kids and your peace...xoxo

    No need to rush to the doctor unless:

    They run a fever.
    You see dark (esp green) mucus, hacking "normal" mucus is fine this time of year and everyone suffers lots of allergies. Help them get rid of it with vinegar steaming etc. Hydrate, lots of protein, etc. Chicken soup! xoxo
    Listlessness or pains.

    I hate seeing my kiddos sick AND hate to over medicate them, it's a tough call for you today and one I do not envy, but you'll make it through. So will they.

    Let em feel your love and then you just trust your momma bear instincts.

    best wishes, truly.

  5. Goosie Goose, Thank you for being wise. As a bloggy friend who is also a parent, I feel like we're made from the same cloth. I spent $30 on homeopathic meds the other day and they're already completely different children. Maybe it's coincidence, maybe it's not. All I know is that my daughter doesn't look like she's been hit by a pan in the face. ((OOOH! BLOG POST IDEA!))

    M half, I appreciate hugs. Even from a distance. :)

  6. my little man is battling a cold too. i'm not excited about antibiotics at all. trying to avoid that route.