Sunday, November 6, 2011

Head from Tails.

I know some of you are bummed I didn't get chosen to go back to Chicago, so I'm here to tell you to SIMMER DOWN FOLKS! Apparently the party ISN'T over. We will be given the opportunity for yet ANOTHER month of free food... meaning I just might hit my second goal before the New Year after all! Are you excited for me? BE EXCITED FOR ME. No pressure or anything... wink wink. I'm super stoked for the girls who were ultimately chosen to go back because despite the fact that we were all worth the trip back, they particularly were a super awesome group of ladies. I can't wait to see their big reveal in a few days as well as the celebrity reveal, anybody got any guesses? The only hints we were given was that it was a woman who'd given birth in the past 5 years and had 5 syllables in the name she goes by. I have a few guesses, but they're more than likely ALL WRONG. Ruby was my number 1 choice... but she doesn't have any kids. So boo to that!

I'm not necessarily sure if I can give you guys my statistics, but I CAN show you my current before/after. I can't wait to see what my "AFTER after" looks like in another month. Only time will tell, folks! I must warn you so you don't sue me, PLEASE shield your eyes on the before... I have NO sense of style, not even a trace of it exists post-motherhood. Lillie took all the style sense I had left. Pity me like it's your life purpose, ok?



I still have a ways to go, but I'm so very glad that my jowls are gone. They just aren't appropriate on a lady... now if I could just get rid of my "Granny arms."

Again, thanks to ALL of you who've supported me thus far, I'm very appreciative of all my cheerleaders. I just wish I weren't constantly being contradicted by the higher up's who are controlling the program. I feel like I'm consistently leading you guys one way and then the next day changing the game plan on you. So, sorry about that! At least I'm keeping you all on your toes! Let's all be super jealous of my "Ready, Set, Go" ladies who ARE in Chicago this weekend as apparently they'll be sharing a state with the mystery celeb, Rosie herself AND Cyndi Lauper. This is my jealous face. Be glad you can't see me! The episode airs Tuesday, check your local listings for specific times and channel information.

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