Monday, November 14, 2011

Having a moment...

 Unfortunately, "Paycheck" and "For Profit" are nowhere in this cloud.

Having a moment where I truly wish I were paid to blog. Like, I wish I made some MAD money for my MAD skillz up in here. But alas, I do not. So instead, I'm cringing as I fill out applications for local grocery stores and hoping that instead I'm called back from Apartment leasing companies or even a local discount appliance distribution center. I only cringe over the grocery stores because I know they start at minimum wage, and you guys... there are 4 of us that need at least one working adult in our household. Sadly, I don't get paid cash MONEY (baaaaby) for being a stellar Mom and all around great person to know.

We need health insurance.
We need to not worry that utilities (be it what they may) are paid on time.
We need a second vehicle BADLY.
We need a serious back up plan in case our current living situation fails us.

This isn't about wants. This is about making sure our luck doesn't run out before it's too late. We have been so very VERY lucky up until this point. It's time to make sure my Husband can have the surgeries he needs so we can get back (or as close) to normal as soon as possible.


  1. Prayers and positive thoughts for you and yours! xoxo It takes a real woman to step up and do this for her family. Best wishes to your hubby too. Merriest Christmas EVER!

  2. Thanks you guys, I think the hardest part is handling my family's response to all of this. That, and not seeing my special little people all day. Still looking...