Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Falling in love again.

In this week's thrilling edition of "Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop," I have chosen to write a post about Fall in our neck of the woods. Convenient, no? Seeing as I just spent a morning recently being that Mom following my kids around our backyard snap snap snapping away on Instagram. You see, just south of Atlanta, the weather is still pretty bipolar for the seasons of Spring and Fall. It's not ever too cold nor too hot, just wishy washy enough to drive you a little crazy. Hence the reason my children and cousins can be found wearing an assortment of clothes covering several different weather types. Lillie dons rain boots, Logan sports short sleeves (though in his defense, he overheats easily), my cousins are wearing jackets and jeans. I swear I don't dress them funny, it just so happens we never know what it will be like outside after an hour or so.

In our neck of the woods, Fall means acorns are readily hurling themselves towards the earth and/or our roof. With the mass "release" of acorns comes squirrels. Of which I am TERRIFIED of. That's a discussion for another day. My Son is my trusty protector. Just don't tell him that his Nerf gun needs refills. I do my part by demolishing every last acorn I see on the ground. There's a satisfying "crunch" when you grind them into the patio. You should try it some time.

Fall is the ability to warm yourself up in the shade by playing hard in the leaves, or in our case, under the canopy of leaves that have yet to fall. We have spent literal months avoiding our play set. Not because it's boring, oh no, quite the opposite in fact. But because our area has been over run with ticks. And that's AFTER multiple (insanely toxic I'm sure) doses of flea/tick/whatever. Between powders, sprays, granules, etc., it never was completely free of them. I spent one evening picking at LEAST 100 baby ticks off of my Son. Unfortunately, with Spring and Fall come an over abundance of yellow jackets. Two of the four children in this picture have known allergies to bees/wasps/yellow jackets/etc. Yay for allergies!!!

Fall is for fashion statements. Never mind, every day is a good day for fashion statements if you're a 2 year old diva child.


  1. Oh, the girls and their fashion statements. Believe me, 2 is just the start. My near 11 yr old Blossom/DeniseHuxtable/Pat Benatar is proof of that. And you're right; the weather is bipolar (not Mother Nature, just what she's doing. Because I so do not want MN's wrath upon me this winter!). Last month we dipped under 40. Today it's supposed to be 62. I need a definite. Either the heat is on or it's not. I don't want the in between. I don't have a wardrobe for in between (yes, I have on winter boots and a short sleeved shirt. Your point?).

  2. Girlfriend TOTALLY rocked the short sleeves and winter boots yesterday... Today? Long sleeves, a sweater and corduroys. This weather is KILLIN me!!!

  3. Oh, I hate ticks! Fortunately we don't have them in our back yard, but we still don't spend much time back there, and we should!

  4. Thanks for stopping in! I can't STAND ticks. I made the mistake of googling the type we have (Lone Star Tick) and they are aggressive. They will actually smell you from so many feet away and start hauling in your direction. And we wonder why I have anxiety issues!!!