Thursday, November 17, 2011

Balance is NOT my strong suit.

This week, Mama Kat asked us what is our biggest parenting challenge and/or joy.

I know without a doubt, that I am a good parent. Yes, I question myself sometimes... like when I walk into a room and a certain (almost) 3 year old is throwing a very full cup of juice across the room, or when Logan slips up at the table and declares, "WHAT THE HELL!" when we serve him his dinner. But I know, despite the few and far between glitches, that I am doing my best for them. Now, I never said I wasn't selfish. All I could think about this morning on the way to dropping them off at Pre-K was how fast could I (legally) get home to crawl back into bed. I have issues with balance. Such as...

Balancing a check book. 

Balancing our schedule. 

 Balancing an (almost) 3 year old on my hip -- in her defense, she IS like the "teacup poodles" of (almost) 3 year olds. 

Balancing in tree pose.

My children are polar opposites of each other. One born in Summer, one born in Winter. One with colic, one who slept so much I worried myself sick that there was something gravely wrong with her. One is a morning person, one wants to party all night. Logan thrives off physical activity and interactions, Lillie spends her day pretending, reading and practicing her mad art skills (sometimes on the walls... doors.... anything she can use as her canvas really.) With their differences, I constantly feel like I fail them when it comes to how their days are laid out before them. At least when they have school, they have a blocked off set of time each week where they can BOTH have their needs met. Logan comes home with new grass stains each day and Lillie brings home masterpiece after overly glued masterpiece. When we're home, however, it's another story. When I'm struggling with my anxiety, dishes pile up... laundry doesn't get done... bathrooms don't get cleaned... I consistently feel as if I'm running from one household chore to the next, never fully accomplishing the last task before the next task has begun. My poor attempts at activities are completely seen through by Lillie who attempts to hold me down just to get in her 5 minutes of one on one.

So there you have it, balance is my challenge.


  1. It is difficult to balance when you have so much going on at home. My two oldest are opposites, too. So far the baby is laid back and goes with the flow, but he hasn't hit 2, yet, so we've yet to see if that'll last. I try to schedule things as best as I can to make things fair for all the kids... and my house... and the laundry... and Hubby. But it's tough. I fail most days.

  2. Good luck with the baby! I thought my Daughter was going to be some sort of eery child prodigy who skipped right over the terrible two's... and then she realized a few weeks back she would be turning 3 after Christmas. If I don't consider calling a Priest to preform an exorcism at LEAST once in a 24 hour period, I'm either to exhausted to care or it's been a good day around here.

  3. Balance is something so many of us struggle with...sounds to me like you are doing a GREAT JOB!!! We always question if we are doing "enuf" for our kids and sometimes we just have to say we're doing our "best" and in my opinion that's always "enuf & more".

    Thanks for stopping by... :)

  4. I can so relate with this balance post. It is a constant struggle to have everything in line. It seems like if I succeed in one area, I completely fail in another. I guess we just can't do it all!

    New follower!

  5. Twins, I'm trying desperately hard to accept that I'm obviously doing "enuf" for my kids because they're exceptional little people! ((Of course, EVERY Mother says that, right? LOL))

    Laura, Sounds like we both put all of our passion and focus into the projects laid out in front of us. I just end up overwhelmed when I have too MANY projects piling up at once. I end up saying "Eff it, I'm outta here!" And then go and grab a coffee/nap, rinse, and repeat.

  6. I agree...balance is very tough! With 4 different budding princes in our home (along with the queen and the king)...I never seem to have enough balance in any area!

  7. That makes complete sense. I would venture to say that you're not alone. Sounds like the struggle of many moms I know - including myself! :)

  8. I feel the same as you. I work full-time, have a cleaning biz on the side, have a Kindergartener and 15-mo old and still have to find time to spend with them that is quality while also using what little time I have to keep the house in order. It is HARD to balance. And then you can't forget about your own needs as well. When I meet the mom that has it all in check, I'll let you know, because I don't think she truly exists. It's always a challenge and learning experience. Good thing we're graded on the curve :-)

  9. I don't even have kids and I struggle with balance, so I can only imagine what it's like for parents. Way to keep on it and keep trying! xoxo

  10. M, Thanks for the encouragement. Needing it today.

    Morgan, God bless your overachieving heart! I can't imagine working full time with two little ones... even though that's what I'm trying to find, lol. Yes, let's put more work into the mix!

    Cam, Oh, I know I'm not alone! I feel like I'm in some unspoken club.

    Crystal, I think the problem is time management when I get right down to it. Where DOES the time go?

  11. Balance is so hard when you're a mom. Heck ... it is hard when you're not a mom. And it sounds like you have two kids who are the polar opposites of each other, which is the way it seems to go. Just keep doing what you're doing .. I'm sure it is working just great.

    P.S. You are lovely looking!

  12. Jenners, LOL, if you think that's me in those pictures - click on them. I found them online. My kids are total polar opposites. TOTAL. Thanks for the compliments and positive feedback. I needed it today. :)