Monday, November 21, 2011

As a matter of fact... we are indeed down with the sickness.

This never EVER happens on nice afternoons, at least not when he's involved.

Unfortunately. This "monster" of a head/chest cold turned into something far more sinister and miserable-ish for Lo. The child doesn't sleep as it is, and after camping out in his room last night, I know now for a fact that he doesn't sleep AT ALL. At least not when he's so congested it starts coming out his eyes. Because I am sleep deprived and itching everything out of sympathy, here's a little timeline of events for y'all.

Monday - Thursday of last week Lillie was a snotty, goobery, hacky mess. Many nights were spent with my head mashed against the baby monitor listening to make sure she was breathing. Ok, so I *might* get a little paranoid at times... ok... a LOT paranoid.

Friday - Lo started getting a little snotty while Lillie did cartwheels around him. Meh, no big deal now that she's survived a week of it. We'll just give him some kids 8 hour cough meds at night time, and he'll be ok.

Saturday - Full on panic mode. His nose is running, he's rubbing at his ears, his cough rivals an emphysema patient. Lots of whacking on the back ensues (I have, after all, survived mine and my Sister's childhood athsma issues.) Lots of fluids are involved. I high tail it to our local pharmacy and after becoming aggravated with the selection of dye-free cough/cold meds start checking out the homeopathic stuff hidden off in a corner of the store. A Pharmacist coming off her shift spots me with a good 10 bottles of meds scattered around me and asks if she can help, of which she can not. I can not be helped at this point. She confesses after 5 minutes of scratching her head and "Hmmmm-ing" at the bottles surrounding me that she actually knows NOTHING about homeopathic medicines. I start getting texts from the Husband at this point wondering just how long it takes to pick up cough medicine. INSULT TO INJURY PEOPLE. I am trying to make an informed decision! I finally whittle my choices down to the Similisan and Boiron bottles and I grab a bottle of Triaminic JUST IN CASE and take them to the new Pharmacist on the shift to make sure I'm not killing my child should I have to give him both the Similisan and the Triaminic at the same time. He actually tells me that I shouldn't need it as the Similisan gets awesome feedback. HUZZAH! A PHARMACIST THAT IS KNOWLEDGEABLE! The homeopathic products work... BUT... I can tell they're really only putting a dent on the iceberg in his sinus cavities.

I was not endorsed by any of these companies, which is OK, because I still love them despite.
Sunday - Hello, fever. Hello, nap time. The child is still unwell. Gets Triaminic AND Similisan at bedtime. Sleeps well for first 6 hours, and back to coughing every 5 minutes with yet another full blown fever. He wakes me up at 4:30 to ask if he can play. Sure, why the Hell not at this point. Just let me sleep in peace.

Monday - Right before lunchtime he comes to me and his left eye is oozing. This shit is so backed up it is COMING OUT HIS EYE.  I call the doctor. Appointment is at 4:30. Lo is upset. I am upset. Lillie just wants to scale me like a monkey and cough in my lunch. Back off, MONKEY! So far I have been spared from the sickness, the Husband? He is fighting (hopefully) sympathy symptoms.

I did the best I could, but sometimes I need help. I confessed this to Lo when he overheard me making his appointment. Kid is SCARED of doctors. I figured that with it passing through Lillie so quickly and non-aggressively that SURELY he would be back on his feet by the time the weekend was up. I was obviously wrong. Sometimes Mommy's need a little help to make the bigger decisions and as much as I'm anti-antibiotic, sometimes they are indeed necessary to get little guys back up into working order. I know that he, as well as the rest of the family, want to get back outside to run and play again. Specifically since it's 70 and humid outside. Fall? What's Fall? Until then, I'm stuck inside with "Mother Gothel."

But I 'da NICE Muddah Goffel. 'Punzel! Wet down yo hey-ya!

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