Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Lookit this! YOU GUYS GET A TUESDAY TWO-FER! And here's why...

Actual Facebook status update from 10 minutes ago:
To yoga or not to yoga. THAT is the question... I mean... I did eat that handful of candy corn at my Mom's house... BUT SERIOUSLY... I failed a pop math quiz and it might have ruined any future I have in banking. ((Not that THAT was seriously something I considered wanting to be when I grew up.)) But since when is it ok to pop a math quiz at the END of an application? "You've done GREAT on 99.9% of this application, BUT in order to score an interview you must complete this test w/o a calculator and... BTW, you're gonna be timed! LOLMYBFFBILL! Good luck and shit!"
This sums up what my past week has been like. It feels like I've been filling out applications and scrolling ALL "Now Hiring" ad's for YEARS. So yes, I am in fact entitled to some pretty bad (maybe so bad it's awesome!??!) music to keep me from stabbing everyone around me.

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