Wednesday, November 23, 2011


While I'm scratching my head over the sheer awesomeness of these, I'll be making just your regular run of the mill Cake Balls for Thanksgiving this year alongside some Jenny Craig sides in hopes I don't completely FUBAR my diet completely. Longest sentence ever? Perhaps. Follow along if you'd like to learn how to make your very own Cake Balls/Pops!

If you're lucky, you'll have something fancy that looks like this... IF you're lucky.

  1. Choose your favorite cake/icing combination.
  2. Drive to store (or have someone else drive should you be intoxicated or under the influence.)
  3. Buy cake mix/icing and candy coating/chocolate bark.
  4. Bake cake.
  5. Destroy cake and proceed to mix with 1 container icing/frosting (WHATEVER...)
  6. Roll into little balls, do not give into temptation and eat them... yet...
  7. Chill, yo!
  8. Prepare bark/coating.
  9. Dip yo' balls.
  10. Decorate.
SIMPLE EASY PEASY! Don't be bummed out if your balls are ugly or sweaty. Changes in temperature and/or your decorating skills probably had something to do with it. But it's ok, your balls will ALWAYS taste friggen awesome. Trust me on this. Little hint, should you have frozen your balls, LET THEM DEFROST A LITTLE. Otherwise they will attempt to escape their coating any way they can. Doesn't make them any less edible, just a little more unappealing. Should you be making them into Cake Pops, dip the lollipop/popsicle stick into the coating/bark BEFORE spearing your balls BEFORE you dip your balls? Make sense? Great!

Leave a comment if you have any suggestions for my balls. And yes... I am a 14 year old boy apparently who thinks it's HA HA-LARIOUS to make lewd innuendos about balls. BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS. For that? I am grateful.


  1. You should make your stepdad red velvet ones with cream cheese icing for his Christmas present. Let the kids put sprinkles on them and say they are from them! :-)

  2. um those look yummy... And yes, you are 14 and cracking me up. Some things are just funny, right?

  3. Ball jokes never go out of style!

    And Ma, I'll think about it. ;)

  4. Visiting from Mama Kat's. I tried cake ball rattles for my sister's baby shower...we ended up with sweaty balls. Seemed fitting for the occasion. Happy Thanksgiving!