Friday, November 25, 2011



  1. Was blessed to have two Thanksgiving Dinners this year. Neither at my house. I'm saving that insanity for Christmas Dinner.
  2. Totally did Black Friday last night. At 10 p.m. On Thursday. Which isn't quite Friday. Minor details, people. Was given $100 to spend on 4 kids. My total was $99.55, BOOYAH!
  3. Had a panic attack in the middle of Toys R Us. 
  4. Can't get enough of the Target commercials. My favorite? This one.
You will win this...


    1. Oh, I heart you to pieces, but those Target ads? No. Not even a little bit. I might stop shopping there just because of those ads. (okay, unlikely, but I really detest those ads)

    2. Oh my friend, you couldn't stop loving me if you tried! I will be sad when the holiday season is over and I have to wait another 10 months to see her again. Here's hoping they have new commercials next year! Cheers to Target! ((They totally have Paul Frank AND Gwen Stefani's clothing line for tots there, it is not possible for me to quit Target... not now, not ever! Plus, mine has a fake Starbucks in it. I could live there on their little fake beds in the bedding section.))

    3. Those Target commercials. They make me think of the holidays and sitting on my mom's couch and watching waaaaay too much TV. Her and I have a love/hate relationship with the blonde Target lady..that (and TV in general) was pre-baby of course!!

    4. I don't watch t.v., but I do watch commercials on Youtube! I know... I know... but at least I don't waste time watching the ones I don't wanna see when I do have that rare moment of T.V. watching. :)