Saturday, November 26, 2011


It's like Christmas! Well... for my iPod at least.

Got a wild hair up my heiney and decided to finally get around to organizing (i.e. tossing) a bunch of old mixed playlists in my c.d. case. I know, I am SO OLD! What is a c.d.???? So I'm slowly uploading the salvageable ones to my iTunes and slipping them through the shredder when I'm finished. I found all my Tool and Radiohead albums which makes me one SUPER happy Mama! I'm freaking psyched!!! Come tax time, I hope to get my hands on a new (to me) vehicle and if it doesn't already have an iPod connection thingy, there WILL be one installed. For now, my visor will have to be my DJ.

I apologize if my posts seem forced right now. I just have a lot going through my brain and a lot of tasks to complete outside of what's on the desk in front of me. I promise to get back to regularly scheduled programming very, VERY, soon!!!

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