Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This post brought to you by Instagram.

 The kids stayed home from school again today. We had our own little Valentine's Party since they were missing out on the one at school. They were big helpers. I'm being both sarcastic and serious. Is that even possible?

 We learned about Jesus today too. He's our very special Valentine.

Husband took me to what was once my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. We didn't even notice that the name had changed until I had to get my own damn menus and realized they cover stated a new name. They kept the same exact menu on the inside. The food? Not the same. I will never go back, it was the only Mexican place I trusted not to infuse everything with green chilies... of which I have bad reactions too. And no, as a matter of fact I'm not pregnant. I'm just severely bloated now thank you very MUCH. 

 The Husband made fun of me and my Instagram "problem." So I took his picture.

 And then I took mine. This is me not pleased. Not pleased at all.

 All of the unfortunate dinner memories were quickly erased by espresso and double dark chocolate frozen yogurt topped with Ghirardelli dark chocolate sauce at my favorite fro-yo joint. Dear Husband, IT DIDN'T EVEN ASK TO SPELL CHECK FRO-YO. SO THERE.

 The Husband captured me in action. I am Instagramming the SHIT out of my fro-yo. I am also very concerned? Angry? Frustrated? Definitely bloated. Stupid chilies.

And this is why you're not getting a "real" blog post filled with substance and meaning. That up there? Is tomorrow's schedule. MY schedule to be exact. FML all to Hell. Thursday through Sunday's schedules won't even fit on that board. I don't really want to talk about it. Four words, Kids Consignment Sale Volunteer. ((And I have a Scentsy booth at the event for all three days... and a Scentsy Fundraiser for the kids pre-school program Thursday morning. Why am I talking about this? I've already discussed the fact that I don't want to talk about it.))

Hope you ALL had a fabulous Valentine's Day!!! Here's to blog posts filled with substance and meaning again starting tomorrow!!!


  1. The fro-yo provided ample substance!

    1. It did! On top of all that horrible Mexican food! And to think we cancelled our reservations at the fancy German restaurant because I was craving good Mexican food. :(

  2. Hey Supahmama,
    Come visit me over at doesanyonecarewhatiwrite.blogspot.com. I have left a goodie for you over there.
    Thanks for always entertaining me.