Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Domo Arigato... Pt. 2

When we weren't flying into Haneda, we flew into Sendai. I only really remember the Sendai airport in winter and being pregnant. So of course my memories are full of food! I don't really remember what district we stayed in or the name of this hotel either, but I do remember the rooms being my size as those who aren't vertically challenged are pretty scarce there. I could touch the ceiling if I stretched my arms up and the seats on the shuttle bus didn't leave me with my feet dangling like the ones in Europe did. For the first time in my life since Elementary school, it was as if my surroundings were meant for me. I also discovered that the "Plum Juice" in the mini-fridge was not in fact juice but instead "Plum Wine."

 View from the hotel with the Buddha statue waaaaaaaay off in the distance.

Our hotel was located more out in the country than our Akasaka hotel, but you could see a giant Buddha statue on the side of a hill (mountain) about two miles off in the distance. I didn't explore much of the area during these trips as it was snowing and I'm pretty much ill prepared for cold weather as a whole. Apparently the Japanese people aren't friends of cold weather either.

Fields. As far as the eye could see with mountains just beyond that.

If I wasn't bumming around my room with my nose in a book or sleeping, I was at the buffet stuffing my face with lychee fruit and rice. I probably grained gained 20 pounds on rice alone during those stays.

Thus concludes my little taste of Japan. I wish I could say I visit Mt. Fuji or wandered through some bamboo forests, but alas, I did not. I still put on my "worry face" when I think of all the devastation the areas I stayed in must have sustained post earthquakes and the following tsunami, but I know they have overcome worse and judging by recent photos of the areas, have done amazing things in the wake of the destruction.


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    1. I have to bang out a post for Mama Kat tomorrow, but Friday will be "travel" business as usual again. :)

  2. These pictures are cool! Hey, did you know that your email is set to no-reply on blogger? I hate not being able to reply to your sweet comments!

    1. Wait, what??!? This makes SO much sense now!!! I swear I fixed that literally months ago!

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    1. That's exactly what I thought as we were driving past. The scenery in the country was all very beautiful.