Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beware ye' plague!

So we thought everyone was getting better up in here, but alas, that is not true. Little Honey Badger did well for a few days after starting on the antibiotics, but then yesterday the fevers came back and she sounds much like her brother did a week ago when we were having quality family time in the steamy bathroom every few hours. I broke down and gave her a watered down treatment this morning, and it actually worked for a hot minute. So tomorrow? We're headed back to the doctor a week early for their re-check. Logan doesn't know he's going too yet. This should be super fun!

I too, was doing well on my meds for the past two months and then with the consignment sale this weekend, managed to forget to take the maintenance med for two days straight. Funny how quickly this stuff leaves your system because the panic? Was unbearable there for a minute. Having to take the emergency med in the middle of the grocery store is so much fun, you guys! Whenever my Dad would lose me, he said he could find me by the "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I was squealing a few aisles down. You guys... I *was* the Geico piggie.

Drugs are bad, mkay?

So now, I'm knee deep in laundry that needs to be folded, elbow deep in soapy dishes, and wondering what the hell happened to my desk... again. Too bad tomorrow's Messy Mom Monday and not today.



  1. Those darn laundry fairies NEVER show up at my house, either. I hope that you and your family feel better soon!

  2. Have you ever tried echinacea and zinc? They work wonders at killing the flu and colds so fast. I pop two echinaceas in the morning and one zinc and do that for about three days since that's how long my colds last now :)) Check with the doctor to see if the kidlets are old enough to take them and if so, use them instead of cold meds, they work better, faster and more natural-er. As for you, I'm sorry to hear of that ER trip :( I hope you are feelin better. If nothing else, it provided funny blog material, because I'm literally giggling out loud at that commercial and picturing you doing it, lol.

    1. Never made it to the ER or the pediatrician today. Her cough sounded somewhat better (if not chunky, ewwww) but she was covered head to toe in a rash/hives? The nurse line at the Pediatrician's Practice said to wait it out till tomorrow, but only if she's still got a fever. Which she doesn't. Which means this sh!t is viral and no antibiotic is going to really help. So, YAY FOR OPTIMISM! Here's hoping saline spray in the nebulizer actually does what the nurse said it would (clear her out both in her head and chest.)