Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vintage Supahmama

January 24th, 2011

My baby? My Princess? She is 2...

Going on 20.

We had a bit of a celebration "week." Starting with the actual celebration of her birthday on Thursday with birthday brownies and OMGMYBFFBILL over her hand me down Dora the Explorer play kitchen. A friend of mine has a daughter just slightly older than Lo who'd outgrown hers and they were moving in such a fashion that there was only time to pack.... SOOOOOOO... Lillie now has a place for Mommy/Daughter dance parties (thanks to the radio on Dora's kitchen shelf.) Sunday was the real celebration though, we had a fantasmic party here at home with all of our close family and a handful of friends. It was freaking NUTS to be honest. The place was a madhouse. Oddly enough? The house got dirtier today with only two kids running amok than it did yesterday with 10+ kids. And I cleaned up BOTH DAYS. I couldn't be more over my worthless POS vacuum cleaner than I am today... then again, it would help if all her presents didn't come caked in about an inch of glitter. Because, HELLO, it WAS a princess "tea party" after all, MOM. She is now the proud owner of about 5,000 tiaras, 200 deadly jewel encrusted scepters, and I can't tell you how many pairs of dress up heels she now has but I do know I'm totally jealous. I've been wearing the same damn shoes for 4 years now, kids. When does Mommy get to go on a shoe spree? NEVAH, that's when!

On an only slightly different note... she managed to wear a hair clip for 2+ hours without bothering it. Baby steps, people... it's not like I make hair bows or anything... And yes... I *am* aware that there's nothing in the store right now. I'm busy, people! The Princess has been teething now for, I don't know, about 2 years... and I'm pretty sure we're working on 3 of her 4 molars. In other words? Kill me or send booze. Either will be effective. Serious brain collapse right about now, enjoy the pictures!

Bling bling, y'all!

Her little cankles are so delicious in these wittle tiny heels I could DIE.

The end.


  1. OMG WHAT A CUTIE!!! So adorable!! And I don't mean the shoes... :-)

    1. Those cankles, a year later... they are totally gone. LE SIGH. As are her de-wish-us cheeks. She looks less and less like a baby every day. Remind me again why we become parents when we're just gonna have our hearts broken on a daily basis? Anybody? Bueller?

    2. LMAO, And I totally mentioned my POS vacuum cleaner in this post! Oh, how I laugh.


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