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Vintage Supahmama

March 31st, 2010
First of all, I'm really REALLY trying to start blogging more than once a week about REAL things and not what I've been up to aside from being elbow deep in diapers or wiping snot off kids faces or kissing booboos or giving the Husband the evil eye. So I was wandering around blog-land and twitter and found a Blogger that (sadly) is no longer Blogging and she has begun posting writing prompts about, get this, real life situations. They can be funny and/or horrifying, dramatic and/or romantic... Whatever floats yo' boat, y'all. So join in on her fun and check her out! Maybe you too can find some inspiration in her writing. (Editor's note, since the Blogger I was using for prompts no longer writes, I highly suggest you check out Mama Kat. And now, back to our story.)

I was a slave for Blockbuster Video. Seriously... a SLAVE for nearly 5 years of my young adult life. I literally applied for the position a week before my 17th birthday (the youngest age they could hire at) and they hired me (on paper at least) the day of my birthday. I walked into orientation hungover (underage, much?) and hungry. I won't state WHY I was hungry, but I was 17... and in High School... and seriously? I was 17 and in high school and it was a loooooong drive to some backwards location north of Atlanta. Have you ever driven through Atlanta? Typical of a 17 year old blonde girl blaring 311 and sublime and smoking. We'll leave it at that. ANYWAYS. back to the discovery of my Husband.

Fast forward two years... My High School sweetheart had joined the Air Force and was bouncing around between bases and there was always talk between us of one day getting married, he constantly taunted me with picking out rings and furnishings and deciding on what I wanted to major in (because, HOLLA! Hey there spousal GI bill benefits!) Everything was AAAAWESOME and THEN my future husband came to work for the BBV. There I was, in "the shrink wrapping station and new customer information entry hell" when my boss walked up to me and introduced the (then future) Husband to me. I stopped typing, looked up at him and nearly choked on my bubble-yum. Heart pounding and head swimming, I thought to myself, "THIS is the man I am going to marry." fo shiz, ya'll.
Needless to say, being 19 and in looooove with my high school sweetheart didn't end pretty and it started to become more off again than on again. My circle of friends were not quite down with Mr. Military Sweetheart and were constantly trying to pick my brain to find who caught my eye. One of them was my new co-worker because, hellooooooo hottie! One night, drunk as all get out, my married friends had gone to bed and left me with the eligible bachelor's of the evening. Two of the three were making me squirm in my seat and I'd never felt more like a Goddess than knowing that one of them wanted to take me back to his place, the other i had major googly eyes over and the other? Not so much interested in, but it was fun knowing he wanted me at the time however, I? had never owned a pair of beer goggles in my life, so there wasn't a fat chance in hell that that was EVER happening. Anyways... 19 year old blonde girl and three guys in a garage all drunk beyond their wildest imaginations at 2 a.m., one would think that this could get very very interesting, VERY quickly. Instead we just got more drunk and decided to play poker. I TOTALLY had the advantage even though I was the biggest loser. I chose someone else... not knowing that my future Husband and the kid I constantly reminded that we were ONLY going to be friends, seriously... JUST FRIENDS STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT were walking out the door. I still totally bit my lip and wondered if I'd made the wrong decision as I saw them back down the driveway (What? They weren't drunk... just tired. Very very tired.) And I wondered it again as i woke up in a strange man's bed the next morning.

I became super close to my future Husband in the months that followed and then during an on again period in my life with Mr. High School sweetheart, future Husband found out that his littlest brother was in some big trouble. We both had to leave each other, and I was super sad at the thought of losing my new friend who I couldn't stop thinking about. We agreed to meet up at a coffee shop before we both went our separate ways and discovered that there was more to our friendship than just being work and post-work drinking buddies. We both shared that this one time meeting at starbucks shouldn't have been our first or last solo outing together, but unfortunately we both knew we had other things in life that we needed to accomplish and those things greatly outweighed hanging out with "just" a friend. I was sad to see him go, but made him promise to keep in contact and as I found out later from him, I was the only person he kept in contact with over the nearly three years he was gone.

And THAT, my dears, is how this insanity all began. The next chapter in our story will come some day in your near future.

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