Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vintage Supahmama

January 21st, 2010
A year ago today my family came home as a family of 4 and we were never the same. You know what? I would never go back to the days before her. My heart ached for her, and I never knew it.

January 20th, 2009
8 lb 13 oz

January 20th, 2010
19 lb 6 oz

What can I say? We don't call her Sleeping Beauty for nothing. You don't interrupt the Princess when she's getting her beauty sleep on, you'll pull back nubs if you do.

We got the princess this activity cube (found here at Target.) To be honest? We should have bought this for the boy, like, 2 years ago as it's held his attention pretty much since his sister opened it YESTERDAY. The absolute BEST thing about the zany zoo cube? NOTHING TO PICK UP. Mess free. Mommy likey.

Ok, back to organizing her first year of photos so I can clear them off my computer. Meaning I'm really crying into my coffee and wishing I could squish that fat baby neck all up in my nose just one. more. time.