Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vintage Supahmama

In an effort to simplify things, I'm going to start merging some posts from "That Other Blog," meaning you are all going to get little nuggets of vintage joy periodically. And yes, I wanted to shove my nose in Lillie's fat little baby rolls the second I saw these photos. Sigh.

April 23, 2009

Two kids under the age of 2 AND I can manage to get dishes done, see?

Um, how did she get up there?

He's really great at scrubbing the sink.

The Princess is NOT amused.

It was hard work getting all those dishes actually cleaned, but at least I didn't have the princess screaming at my backside while I scrubbed and Lo wasn't climbing my leg or pulling eeeeverrrrything out of the pantry.

Now, you know that because we got the dishes accomplished things DID go awry at some point. More like, I had a Britney moment today. So Logan's learning that standing in chairs is not a good idea. Today he cracked his head right around the time I told him to sit down or he was going to get, "WHAP!" hurt. He cried for 10 seconds then promptly went back to scavaging for snacks. ((My grandfather has junk food stashed ALL OVER THE PLACE.)) The boy's just mad he can't get the candy drawer open by himself. Anyways, so after I taught him the dangers of standing on chairs we went downstairs to do the dishes where I promptly had him stand on a chair. Hey, nobody said I was the smartest woman on the street. Once he was on the chair I told him to hold on, meaning hold onto the chair NOT THE COUNTER. Guess what he held onto... oh yes... ooooooh yes. "WHAP!" Gravity? she's a bitch. The boy ended up testing the hardness of both the upstairs AND downstairs floors.

In all honesty though, he did have fun ONCE this week while landing on his butt.

Not sure why this video only works when it wants to. I give up for now.

And now this Mama is off to work on some warrior poses. peace out Mamas!


  1. Two under two! no mean feat there. Nice blog, love the red template.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Another fellow "Atlantan!?!??" I'm honored to have you here. :) Your blog layout is delightful, seriously? I love it! Maybe I should be posting this on YOUR blog! Two under two was planned, and yet not planned. I wanted them close together and that's exactly what I got. :)

  3. Two kids under two? No wonder they call you Supa!

    I need a nap just reading that.

  4. Oh yes, and we haven't even gotten to the post where I pushed the boy down a flight of stairs... or his concussion stories (I'm saving those for his therapist) or all the asphalt he's eaten in the driveway. Kids, man... now I'M exhausted and I survive on multiple pots of coffee a day!

  5. You are incredible! I thought having a 5 year old and a 2 year old was crazy, oh my no wonder they call you supahmama!!! You deserve that title and then some!!! PS. Your kidlets are ADORABLE!!!! SO cute and those eyes on that princess are stellar!! <3

  6. They are pretty cute if I do say so myself. :) She's definitely going to cause me to go gray when she starts dating. Thanks for the compliment and for stopping in. :)