Friday, January 20, 2012

Lillie Rae of Sunshine

 Georgia Aquarium Fieldtrip, it was her first time going since they added the dolphin show. Dolphins are her FAVORITE.

 Early Birthday gift from "Gamma." This is Lillie Rae's newest baby, "Sparkly" the dolphin. She got to pick her out after the dolphin show, which in her opinion, needed more dolphins. I kind of agree with her. More on that another time.

 With growing a year older, comes tantrums of epic 3 year old proportions. This is from tantrum 2 of probably 47ish tantrums. It ended with her getting a bath after dinner and going directly to bed.

 Another "Tangled" poster? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

 Sweet girl is super big into board games right now. You'll also see good old, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" behind it. It's one of her favorite books (and you can find the video on Youtube of the author reading it aloud -- you'd never know that's also one of her favorite videos.) She's been singing/reading it to me all morning.

Brother gave her a big Birthday/Thank You hug after he opened his "Big Brother" gift of various little Lego guys. Lo loves Lego.

I can't believe my sweet baby is 3 years old. It's seriously a bittersweet day. One minute she's this little sleeping beauty and here she is this BIG girl, yearning to do all these BIG girl things and I'd much rather curl her up in my arms and snuggle and nap and kiss on her sweet baby cheeks while they still have that babyness to them.

Tomorrow we will have friends and family over to celebrate, and I'm pretty sure I have a thousand things to do. But for now, while she's not throwing yet another tantrum, I'm going to squish up on the couch with her and watch "Tangled" for the 50 bajillionth time.

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