Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's talk about carpet!

Let's talk about MESSY carpet! Or how about, let's talk about my long running issue with vacuum cleaners breaking down right at tax time... or how about we talk about the fact that this one particular vacuum cleaner keeps getting clogged in a critical area in the tubing that has me taking the whole thing apart just so I can shake it violently and stab it with a fondue fork into it's inner workings twice in the past 3 months (please, God, say I didn't just hit the motor or anything that will cause it to blow up!)

Yes. Let's talk. In the meantime, bringing the dog inside to Hoover the carpet sounds like a GRAND idea (oh yes, ALL PUNS INTENDED) until I can muster up the motivation to hold my cleaner up over my head and shake it on the front porch like I'm offering it up as a sacrifice to the vacuum cleaner Gods.

Because to be honest, I'd much rather disassemble my POS than use this:

Because of COURSE my Grandfather has a 20+ year old pull along Electrolux vacuum cleaner. It's not as savvy as the one pictured above, but it's still a POS nonetheless. He refers to my cleaner as "that thrashing machine" if that tells you anything. Well, at least Grandpa, when it's WORKING it actually cleans the carpet! Unlike the good old 'lux.

You know what, I'm all of a sudden in a screwdriver wielding kind of mood. Time to go curse and break (finger) nails on the front porch.

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