Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today was a day spent unearthing mountains of laundry and dishes that I'd been too distracted all week to even bother with. Yes, as a matter of fact I do still have two loads in laundry limbo and yes, I just had that thought as to whether or not the load in the wash would be skunky come morning if I just went ahead and gone to bed instead of doing the responsible thing and finishing what I started. Here are just a few thoughts outside of household chores that I've had floating through my head:

  • Will "happily ever after" still exist by the time my own children are of age to settle down...
  • Will I ever get a chance to sleep in, and I mean, REALLY sleep in? The kind of sleep where you go to bed peacefully, sleep through the night uninterrupted and wake up sans needy "roomies" or alarms?
  • I am never getting out of this basement. The fates are constantly plotting against any and all chances of getting. out. of. this. BASEMENT.
  • Why can't dishes and laundry do themselves?
  • I wish I could afford private school. Lillie's teacher informed me today that my daughter makes her feel stupid.
  • I wish I could stop myself from being responsible, just for a minute.
  • I'm going to be 30 for the rest of my life. I'm never going to have a 31st, 32nd, 56th, etc. I'm going to turn 30 on Cinco de Mayo for the REST of my life. End of story, and nobody will question my motives.
  • Eventually I will get around to my 30x30 post. EVENTUALLY. It will happen if I have to lock myself in my bedroom/craftroom with my laptop and an IV full of iced coffee.
  • Did my grandfather just turn the AC off... again?
  • How is it possible for 4 people to go through so many pairs of underwear in a week?
 The kids had their very first dental checkups yesterday (keep in mind, little Honey Badger has been to the dentist before, but only because of that tooth we don't speak of in this house). It went as well as expected. Lo has a cavity which, to be honest, surprised the Hell out of me. Lillie wouldn't unclench her jaw long enough for the hygienist to do her job... so instead, our insurance paid for a very expensive tooth brushing... of just her front teeth. Today the little badger informed me that she's not scared anymore of the dentist. Isn't that nice.

 The best part of being the oldest of 8 cousins, is that the last half of us are all under legal driving age... it also means I watch them a good deal pro bono. My children are smitten with their "cousins," but sometimes the feeling isn't as mutual. Which I get, because the age gap? It sucks. And having snot nosed little preschoolers follow you around when you're so much older SUCKS. The above photo is an active protest from my two and my poor adolescent cousin's little sister. In his defense, I tried my very best to keep them inside for some "quiet time." I mean, Lo did after all chase him for a little over an hour all over the back yard. He was a far better sport about it than I would have been. I effing hate playing "Star Wars" with Lo. HATE IT. Also? I'm a boring old Mommy with no Sci-Fi imagination whatsoever.


  1. well you know what they say? Life isn't as fun as we expect it to be, but we just make the most of it.

    1. Oh, don't get me wrong, I do love my life! Because at the end of the month, what I remember best are all the high points. The mountains of laundry? The phone tag between pediatric dentists and cardiologists? The 5 gajillion trips to the grocery store because HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE EATEN ALL THAT PEANUT BUTTER, DUDES, LAY OFF THE PEANUT BUTTER ALREADY! Those moments? Are only fresh in my mind as they're happening, they pass and well... they come with the job. :)

      Thanks for stopping in! Didn't expect a visitor so soon!

    2. I ask myself if I will ever sleep in again every day. I don't even LIKE sleeping in late! Even 8:00 am on a Saturday would do...just once. But we have an early bird who likes to get up for the day by 7:00. Hope you and the kiddos have a great weekend!

    3. I crave the desire to not be responsible. Can't I just NOT do this today (actually, I've been rather successful at being unsuccessful in laundry and dishes. Our microwave broke last weekend and all the pots are dirty. I wanted tea but was too lazy to wash a pan, boil some water (we don't have a kettle. I need to see INSIDE), so I went to bed).

      You WILL make it out of that basement.

      What did Lillie's teacher mean? Was she saying that Lillie is too smart or not smart enough? Either way, I'm not liking her choice of wording. My arms are crossed.

      I have to admit there are benefits to having all of our family live so close. If the kids spend the night at my sister-in-law's, I may have a fitful sleep b/c they aren't there, but at least I don't have to get up at 7.

    4. Amy, my Grandfather calls Lo "the house rooster." He welcomes the dawn EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING.

      Arnebya, I kicked the couch the other day and exclaimed, "Being an adult SUCKS!" And then my Husband but me in time out for bad language and kicking the furniture. I'm kind of good friends with Lillie and Lo's teacher, so it really wasn't as bad as it sounded. Her example was that she was worried about Lillie for the first few weeks of school because she always just shot her a look when asked a question, and then it dawned on her that Lillie was giving her a look like, "Bitch, please, we all know that banana is yellow!" She said Lillie wouldn't benefit by repeating a third year at that pre-k (she'll already do 2 years, but will have another year before she gets to go to Kindergarten thanks to that fabulous winter birthday of hers.) She suggested private school and some other options.

  2. You know, there are scholarships available to private schools. Ask the teacher or look up the schools. If she spends 1 year at private school, then public school has to accept her in the grade that the private school says she should be in. But I'd hate to see wee Lillie taking on a bunch of 3rd graders at 6. :-) Pretty sure she would have them all quivering in fear of her ninja level, cobra like, pinch-a-plug.

    1. I'll definitely look into it. BTW, Lo's now throwing up. :(

  3. Cinco De Mayo is here! Are you still 30?

    Your daughter may be intellectually ready to move up, but how about emotionally? You can enrich the school curriculum with online classes or summer programs instead of moving her to a private school. Younger kids don't always do well with big changes emotionally.

    The laundry at my house is trying to kill me...maybe there's a conspiracy.

    1. I will ALWAYS be 30. This is only my first year of this age though. ;)

      We'll be doing a ton of summer programs (I tend to keep my kids busy mentally as much as possible during breaks.) I also get them out to the library events for their age groups, vacation bible school, etc. to keep them socializing with kids on their own level. Lo I would worry about with changes, Lillie not so much. She's pretty strong willed and stubborn. As my Grandfather says, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. She's got another year of school where she's at before I need to worry about maybe homeschool or private tutoring to see where she's at intellectually.

      I swear the laundry multiplies like rabbits when I'm not looking. I just finished folding everything and now I've got at least another load piled up high in the bathroom. Lawd help me!

  4. Laundry? ARRRRRRRRGH! Good luck with that--hope your dryer doesn't eat as many socks as mine does!!! Great writing!

    1. Starting to think it's the kids that eat their socks, not the dryer!


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