Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love and Hope and One Last Day.

Mother's Day is Sunday. Are you ready? I'm ready. I'm so ready. I'm ready for this to be the best week ever. EVER. If you pray, and even if you don't, can you lift me up in your thoughts sometime around 3 p.m. EST tomorrow? I'd super appreciate it. SUPER appreciate it.

While I know that they didn't plan it on their own, the kids came home from school yesterday with handmade vases. I immediately broke down inside because tomorrow? Tomorrow they "graduate." I will probably cry, but I know that I'm also deep down super excited to not have to get them up and ready for school three days a week and that we can work one on one together for the next 3 months on phonics/math/etc. To help with that, I've been adding books to read to our "We Give Books" library. Have you visit there yet? You really should. I've been finding little lesson plans that I can use in conjunction with the stories, which is awesome! Amazing even, and it makes me feel good knowing that with every book we ready, we're helping others who don't have access to good literature.

And now for something completely different (shuffles off stage!)


Miracle of all miracles, it's rained here these past few days. Bad for the kid's "water day" outside at school today, but they didn't let a little mud ruin their day. I took both of these shots earlier yesterday and then it started to rain. And it rained, and it rained some more, and wait for it... guess what... still raining. A little. I will be glad when the weather decides that it's going to do, but until then, I'll enjoy the 50 degrees at night. Better than 80 degrees inside. One day I will have the last word on the air conditioner. ONE DAY.


  1. I guess I'm ready. I want to be ready. But the day will go so quickly, people will file in, eat, and leave, and then it'll be over and Monday will be the bitch it always is.

    1. True true... Let's not think of it that way. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know! My heart melted when I realized what was in the little brown paper sacks they carted them home in. And then I had a light bulb moment. ;) They have THREE Gramma's and I have 50 million Mason jars.


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