Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let's pretend the panic part didn't happen.

My evening summed up in three pictures:

 Due to the fact that I shut down during a panic attack, this was my best defense for those who felt it necessary to get in mah space. Also, on a normal day I don't have to take any of my emergency anxiety meds. On a "normal" bad day I might take one. Today? Three. It's been a long day, y'all. Was pretty sure at one point once we got off the interstate into Atlanta that I was going to have to open my car door and hork all over Peachtree Street. To say I wasn't handling things well was an UNDERSTATEMENT. What pulled me through was knowing that the one person who understands what that kind of moment is like was literally a few miles away.

 Mother fuckin Copernicus. I wanted to hold him. Mah preshussssss...

I would take the anxiety any day if it meant I could have hung with her for a little bit longer. Unfortunately, her new celeb status had me clamming up. At least we were able to connect for a second. Lucky for her I didn't have anything in me to hork, I was THAT nervous.

My body is completely exhausted from all the seizing up and freaking out. It's time for bed, y'all. Oh, and this totally knocks another "to do" off my 30x30 list. HUZZAH!


  1. HOTFUCKINGDAMN chicks in glasses. Rawr.

    So glad you made it, so glad you didn't hork in Jenny's hair, so glad you can pin this picture up and look at it every day saying, "I gots this shit, y'all."

    1. OOOoh, she's hot for teacher! ;)

      I'm sure Jenny is glad I didn't hork in her hair.

      And I do. I GOT'S THIS SHIT! I'M THE BOSS!

  2. Chances are fairly good Jenny would have been just fine with it. And she'd have tweeted about it. Irrelevant now, though, since you didn't hork. Yay for no horking!

    1. Now I kind of regret NOT horking! I'd have been "that" girl!


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