Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Expensive Background Noise.

When Logan was born, I spent a lot of time in the middle of the night watching VH1 and MTV (it was the only time they actually showed (GASP!) music videos. The child refused to sleep, and so, I convinced myself that if he was going to be persistent about this whole staying up all night thing, the least I could do was introduce him to the musical generation he was unfortunately born into. Reason number 8,289 I was born 20 years too late. Logan's theme song should have been Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song."

His colic screams reminded me much of the beginning Viking "yell." AaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAH!"

I refused to become one of those parents who sat their kid in front of the television during their waking hours, I wasn't one of them. We were just very lonely in that quiet house when he wasn't screaming. So it was just me, Lo and Insomniac Theater. And that's when I discovered the glory of Logan's latin lover... Dora. Oh, and his BFF'S FOR LIFE Moose and Zee. I kept Nick Jr. on as background noise throughout the day as the boy didn't pay much attention to it unless it was one of the little musical numbers Moose was singing and then all bets were off. Once he was in his walker, there was a lot of this going on.


He still to this day doesn't watch much t.v. and yes... I do still keep it on as background noise because sometimes I just need 5 minutes, 10 minutes tops to not entertain this child. I am not a monkey. I AM NOT. Until Lillie came around though, it was my sole job as entertainer for this child... Unless Moose was on.

We had to make a compilation DVD of Moose and Zee clips, there was one point in his first year where it was the ONLY thing that would get him to fall asleep or soothe him when he was angry. Unfortunately, Noggin became Nick Jr. and more recently Nick Jr. dropped Moose and Zee like a bad habit. I may or may not still be grieving.


  1. Ditto. Wait when they graduate to computer games.

    1. Sigh, my 4 year old already has an "Xbox" allowance. He's only allowed so much time each day based on good behavior.

  2. I love that picture of your son bending backwards to see Moose. Kids are funny and so very flexible! :) My condolences about Moose and Zee.

    1. He was always our little "Stretch Armstrong!" Even from birth, that kid had "go go gadget" neck. :)


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