Friday, March 2, 2012


 Oh, Hello there Wellington! I see you're enjoying all the rain and tornado warnings! You might not want to stand too close to that light post seeing as it's lighting outside!

So I'm just going to gush for a moment about how much I love Scentsy. No really, I truly deep down in my heart love this company. As of last month, I've been with them for a year. Did you just roll your eyes and stop reading? DON'T! Just stick with me for a moment. I've had my ups and downs with direct sales and have been direct selling for almost 3 years. Mostly with another company, but Scentsy stood by me and didn't threaten to leave when my sales got low. When I worked hard at my little business, it paid bills and put gas in the car. When ye olde basement started smelling like... well.. a basement, it saved me from insanity. Seriously, who DOES like the smell of a nice damp basement? Even with the dehumidifier running it doesn't completely take that old musty smell out of everything!

 My very first Scentsy obsession.

To think that it all started with a party I was working for my other company. The Hostess was thinking of becoming a Consultant herself and before her party whipped out a room spray from Scentsy. She said, "You know, you'd be really good at this kind of thing, have you ever been to a party?" I was hesitant to call the Consultant off the business card my friend had called me. I'd gotten into the habit of hosting parties for other Consultants and then working a party for them. I didn't want to pressure her into thinking she needed a "ladies night in." To be honest, after smelling just that one product and my Hostess's suggestion on looking into their business, the only thing on my mind was hosting a party for the freebies and learning more from the Consultant after the party. Let's just say that by the time my party came and went, I already knew I was going to sign up. It was always $99 to join in on the fun, no $199 this month and $249 the next. No different kits to purchase. No pressure to keep inventory (at one point I had over $2000 in inventory for my other company, and while I made some MAD money with them, it just wasn't worth the uncertainty anymore.) With Scentsy, if I shared my excitement and love for the products I had a great payday the next month. If I took a break, whatever! No biggie! So imagine my excitement when they announced earlier this year that we were adding new lines of scent related products as well as two new by-companies.

No matter how many times I tell myself I'm a grown woman, I still love a cute stuffed animal... I just have to practice restraint, because seriously... they're stuffed animals.
One of my favorite products is GREAT for kids. At my very first party held by my now Director, I earned two free "Buddies." I had my party shortly before Christmas so I picked a Mollie the Monkey for Lillie and Ribbert the Frog for Logan. I stuffed each with a Scent Pak and put them back in their boxes and stashed them away till Christmas. My closet smelled wonderful that month! I took them out on Christmas Eve and because I'd had them boxed away for so long, the smell of Newborn Nursery was powerful to say the least. I took the Scent Paks out and hung them in the kids closets and I kid you not, for THREE solid months at least the kids clothes smelled like fresh clean baby neck. If you're a Mom, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Powdery and clean, warm and enchanting. I could have sniffed the fool out of Lillie's little dresses for days, people! And so a love was born. Lillie LOVES "Soft Monkey" as she calls him, and when my starter kit arrived, I received "Penny the Pig." When she saw the box she immediately new I had a new Buddy. "YOU GOT ME DA PIG? THANK YOU MAMA!!!!" And then she ran off with her new Buddy into the sunset. When I go to parties I have to literally pry one of the Buddies out of white knuckled fist or sneak into her room the night before to steal one out of her baby doll crib. When they debuted the "Baby Buddy" line to the consultants I knew immediately that I had to have a "Baby Lenny the Lamb" all for my own. Y'all, you're NEVER too old for cute stuffed creatures. Especially when they smell good and you can stash them discreetly away so as not to be judged by judgy judgertons.

I wonder how disgusted the Husband would be if he found me snuggling Lenny at bedtime.
Another new product they recently debuted got me all up on the edge of my seat. We now have a bath and body line! I have the worlds most finicky skin. Hives? I has them. All I have to do is wear the wrong product and I'm one itchy woman. It's the best! I'm just super lucky to not be allergic to my beloved Downy. Everything else has to be "free and clear." Well, not only do we have a new bath and body line, we also brought out two new laundry additives. One is an additive to your laundry detergent and the other is kind of like a cross between the Bounce dryer bar and those "Mr. Steamy" dryer balls that look like insane dog toys. Because I have the worlds pickiest skin, I've chosen to try the Dryer Disk shaped like the Scentsy classic curved warmer to use with my next load of whites. That way I'm not covered head to toe should my skin decide it hates me. The reason I'm telling y'all this is because I want to be brutally honest about the products I sell. If I love something, I will gush on and on about it. If I hate it or it disagrees with me, I'll tell you exactly what I didn't love about it or whether or not it worked with mine or my family's sensitive skin. It was nearly 6 months after our solid perfume line debuted before I bought one to test out and use as a demo tester. I had to buy a second one because I adore this product. ADORE.

 Our new dryer disks. As much as the Husband hates Coconut Lemongrass (we all have our likes/dislikes... his just happens to be ridiculous), I'm totally going to be using this bad boy on our next load of towels. Maybe he'll have a change of heart.

In the upcoming months we will also "open the doors" to our new Fondue line called, "Velata" and our scented greeting card line entitled "Sincerely Scent." Velata uses the Scentsy warmer technology coupled with a washable and, best of all, reusable top dish that can be covered with a lid and put in the fridge for later use. There's no eye irritating fumes from sterno, no flame to deal with so there's no risk of fire, and only the finest Belgian chocolates were chosen to start the company product line off with. I, for one, am totally through the roof thrilled. My inner fat girl is clapping her hands and jumping up and down with delight. CHOCOLATE! YES PLEASE! And just in time for my Birthday of course! As for "Sincerely Scent," there are a wide variety of cards customers will be able to choose from and they are all scented with some of Scentsy's best selling scents. Know an expecting couple? Congratulate them with a card scented like Newborn Nursery. Have a friend who's stressed out and under the weather? Send them a get well card scented with French Lavender. I have always loved a good hand written note, and being able to add warm and homey scents to the sensory experience of holding a card from a loved one is going to be a hit. Did I mention how much I love my company? I do.


If you're really nice and suck up to me, maybe I'll send you a card for your birthday. Maybe.
The other reason I'm doing a rare shameless plug on my own blog? Because I'm going to do a giveaway at the end of the month and I wanted YOU to have a chance to get in on it! I have several parties and events this month that I will be doing drawings at, so why not add another one to the list? I have so much Scentsy love to share, people, it just wouldn't be fair to leave you out! Here's how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on my blog describing your favorite scent. It could either be direct from Scentsy if you've already been introduced to them or just any scent that conjures up warm memories and makes you just all around feel good.
  2. Share this giveaway on your own blog and leave a comment WITH A LINK BACK so I can count that as TWO entries.
  3. Follow me on twitter AND share this giveaway there linking to my twitter name and this blog post.
Think y'all can handle that? Well... what are you waiting for! Go! Shoo! Spread the love and maybe you'll be walking away with your choice of any one of the Scentsy Baby Buddies or one of the new Layers products. YOU get to choose!

 Scratch, Ollie, Patch, Mollie, Penny, Ribbert, Lenny and Roarbert.

 They even have their own mini-movie... Lillie watched it multiple times today. "HEE HEE He said booty!"

*All pictures are linked to their coordinating categories on my personal Consultant website. Scentsy is not compensating me for my shameless plug. Should you feel compelled to buy anything I will as always with any customer, be completely grateful to have you as a customer as well. Even if you don't buy anything, I'm happy to have been able to share my passion with you.


  1. This makes me even more disappointed that I missed a friend's scentsy party last night--it would've been my first@

    1. If you have an afternoon you can have some friends over, see if it will benefit your friend to host a party off of her party. You'll earn free stuff AND have a blast. I promise you that you won't regret it! It's almost like a spa treatment. You get to smell all the different scents that Scentsy has to offer and you'd be amazed at how something as simple as a scent can evoke memories and feelings from places you've been or from moments in your life. Ahem, Newborn Nursery instantly makes me want 5,000 more babies as all I can think of is a warm sleepy infant snuggled on my chest. Swooooooon!

  2. Giggling b/c my husband hates the dryer sheets/disks I love. There's something wrong with him. I keep using it on our sheets hoping he'll change his mind but all I get is UGH MY NOSE WHY'RE YOU TRYING TO TORTURE ME. Bah.

    1. Same thing happens when I put anything lemon-y in our living room warmer. He gets PISSED. "I can't even watch t.v. in here without thinking a can of pledge just went off!"

  3. You know, I've never tried Scentsy, but reading your raving about them tempts me! Hoping to win the giveaway so I can give it a try. :) I love lilac anything... it always reminds me of my grandparents' house because they have some enormous lilac bushes that just smell heavenly when they're in bloom.

    1. I hope you win too! (Then again, I'll be glad if any of my readers win!) We do have a lilac scent!!!

  4. Hey lady!! How am I just seeing this?? LOL

    I am such a Scentsy addict. Maybe worse than a Pinterest addict, not sure. Coffee still reigns supreme, but Scentsy and Pinterest are always competing for second chair in my heart. It's freakish.

    So happy for you that you have a good company there, sounds very family friendly. : )

    My fave Scentsy fragrances are coconutty and vanilla-ish. But I have yet to find one I truly do NOT like. LOL

    1. Do you love White Sands??? It's got a beachy/vanilla vibe to it and I LOVE IT. That's my bedroom scent, that or Satin Sheets (which is of course now my favorite solid scent perfume.)

      I think my Scentsy problem is WAAAAAY worse than my Pinterest problem!!!

    2. LOL I feel ya.

      Have not tried White Sands but it is probably divine... Satin Sheets is another one I want to try!!

      Ohooh la la

  5. So, Marie up there has a serious Scentsy problem. Having only experienced the Scentsy at her place, I am curious, though not yet addicted. I keep accidentally spilling a lil out of the teeny one in the bathroom when I plug in my hair dryer.

    All that said, I have 3 cats. And it's Hubs' job to clean litter boxes (I swear he volunteered), which means it doesn't happen as often as I'd like. Any scents for that?

    1. LOL, sounds like she has an awkward bathroom plug! Pretty much anything from the "spa" line will counteract litter box smell. I have the same issue. Which is exactly why I have a FULL SIZE plug in less than 2 feet from the litter box. That bitch is Scentsified!