Monday, March 19, 2012

(9) Loves.

9 posts to 200. Today is Nine Loves.

1.) Diva Days. Mom took us out today for "Cawfee at Stahbucks wit da gurrs." Or, if you don't speak Lillie, "Coffee at Starbucks with the girls." We also went and got our nails did after grabbing our coffee (or fancy organic chocolate milk and a birthday cake pop for those who don't have to worry about their girlish figure yet.) It was baby's first pedicure. I now know what I was missing all my life. Little girls are the world's best secret. Don't tell anybody.

2.) Finding Brenda... that hussy... well, pretty much anywhere Lillie tosses her. Where Brenda is, the party has OBVIOUSLY started. Why am I humming Katy Perry's "Friday Night?"

3.) The pink camellia. Which unfortunately, like every other blooming bush/tree that I love, blooms and almost immediately sheds its petals and/or turns brown. If you'd like to get me something that lasts longer, I'm pretty partial to fuchsias.

  4.) Taking the kids to school and picking them up. Well... Most days. One or both of them are destined to whine and/or complain... but seriously... look at mah widdle scholars! This was obviously taken before the pollen blizzard of 2012 hit and we were allowed to enjoy a ride with the windows down. Don't let the hands holding her hair down fool you, she likes it.

 5.) A good mullet accompanied by a good jab at my Alabama AND West Virginia roots. Somebody has to.

 6.) This kid. THIS kid. This kid and all his questions, SO MANY QUESTIONS. I speak about him at every visit with my therapist (like y'all didn't know I needed one... HAH). And every visit she asks me how I'm going to handle him. She asks because he is me. He is so detail oriented but blinded by the big picture. He has huge dreams, but can't take the first step. He's got a big heart, but fumbles on all the awkward words falling out of his mouth. I want to squeeze him and sniff the warm cinnamon scent of him until he's too big to squeeze. I want to whisper into his ear all night that it's going to be ok, just keep breathing and loving like he does. I want to bubble wrap him and keep him safe from all the unknowns, because I'm scared too. A lot. Just like him. Just like me.

 7.) That man I married. He's handsome, funny, loving, passionate, and irritating as snot. I've watched as we've changed from a young couple, to newlyweds, to parents and now... here we are. I think marriages fail if you go in blindly assuming that the other person is always going to be the person you fell in love with. I know I'm not, and I'm grateful he stuck around when I had my moments... just like he's lucky I stuck to breaking plates and slamming pots around once the kids were in bed instead of walking away stating we had irreconcilable differences. Anyways, just look at those smiling eyes. Swoon.

 8.) Finding self portraits taken on my phone and not knowing when she could have taken them. The kids are so fascinated by the camera, and understandably so. I've only been shoving cameras in their faces since they day they were born. I spend more time deleting ceiling shots than I do editing. This one however, is all her. I can attest that instagram does in fact make you a photographer, you should see some of her final products.

 9.) Coffee ice cream or frozen yogurt... with lots of dark chocolate involved. My hands down, slap yo' mama favorite is a tie between our local Fro-Yo place's coffee yogurt with Ghirardelli's dark chocolate syrup on top (see above) or Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino Ice Cream straight from the container. If I could afford to be more frivolous in the budget, I would take the kids out for Fro-Yo more often. More for me than them, obviously.


  1. As normal, I am just awestruck by your writing. LOVE your writing and your pictures.

  2. Replies
    1. That it all is. :) There are so many other things I love, I surprisingly found it difficult to write out my "fears" tonight. It was much easier to write out my "loves," which is GREAT.

  3. This is too awesome. I busted out laughing at Brenda. I've enjoyed following her antics, too.

    Love you :)! You're making me want to write too!

    I miss you guys so bad. I feel like the kids are growing up and I'm missing it :((((.

    1. I might be committing a whole week to Brenda's antics, or starting a thread on her alone. The kids ARE indeed growing up too fast. You need to get your ass down here and enjoy them. Waiting till Holidays isn't good enough. Lillie's using the potty now, but apparently only at school. Logan is at LEAST a foot taller than when you saw him last. Get. Your. Ass. DOWN. Here.

  4. Love the self portraits on the phone. I miss when mine used to do that! Cute kiddies!

    1. Oh, they are definitely cute... but then again, I'm kind of partial to them. :) Just today, Lillie discovered how to post ceiling shots to instagram. I feel really bad for my followers on there!

  5. Yes, little girls are indeed one of life's best kept secrets. The way you talk about your family, just so wonderful... I can only imagine how loved they feel by you. I can 100% relate to the bubble wrap feeling you describe about your son; I feel that way about my oldest daughter. Well, my youngest too, for different reasons. And to the evolving in marriage feeling. So much. Thank you a ton for sharing these. xo May it all come back to you a hundred fold!

    1. There are days when I feel like a really rotten parent to Logan because I just have so much in common with Lillie, outside of having the same parts obviously. We could girl "tawlk" for hours just laying about in her room, brushing hair and pretending to be Princesses. I just... boys... SMH. I have no idea what to do with little boys outside of nurture them as best I can!

      I sometimes feel like I *HAVE* to speak up about marriage and how it's a constant evolution. I think too many people give up because they don't like change. Well, neither do I! But you find ways to work through the changes you don't like, you have to or you'll never be able to see that person you originally fell in love with who is STILL there. I also have issues with quitters, well, period. I'm not a quitter and it kills me not to see something all the way through to the end.


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