Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday's Ear Worm.

I just made that up, y'all... don't go searching for it as you won't find it. Maybe I should make a button? LOL, RIGHT? Me? Make a button? GIRL. Not likely to happen. Anyways, I love Ryan Gosling as much as the next girl (that loves Ryan Gosling)... but I had NO IDEA till I looked up this video that he was the lead singer of Dead Man's Bones. I kind of just let my iTunes account and Starbucks  (which, btw, STARBUCKS... I know your specialty is coffee, but get your website in order, ok?) do all the suggesting for me. I'm pretty sure this song was in some free playlist they offered through Facebook. Click the links at your leisure, not like I'm gettin' paid for this! Anyways, without further ado:

I'm just smitten with the whole sound of the song and constantly find myself singing the chorus during random (read, inappropriate) times. Enjoy, you guys! And if you have any suggestions for moi, feel free to share!

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