Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just putting this out there...

So, as I'm wasting time on Facebook NOT doing the dishes, clipping coupons, or cleaning (insert area/item here), I discovered this quote:

Picture Galileo, standing there on top
of the Tower of Pisa, about to drop two
weights off the top. The weights are the
same shape, but one is heavier than
the other. Which will land first?

Obviously the heavier one, because
that’s what people had been taught
for 2000 years. How could it be any
other way?

And so Galileo drops them, and they
land at the same time, because that’s
how the world actually works. This kind
of thinking was, of course, radical and
revolutionary and it got Galileo into
all sorts of trouble.

The mind blowing part? No one before
Galileo had bothered to actually
do the experiment. They just believed
what they’d been taught…

I'm having a hard time distinguishing between what is fact, fiction, or a fantastical combination of the two lately. I feel like I'm having a "lightbullllllb" moment, only I have no idea where I've misplaced my lamp.


  1. That quote is great! I can see why it's bringing on some lightbulb-ish stuff. Now it's got my gears turning...we're in for some trouble!

  2. I'm always in trouble!!! It's what my Husband calls me, lovingly of course. ;)