Monday, August 8, 2011

Would you like to WIN something delightful?

Scent Circles are the PERFECT way to give your "Mommy-Cab" that "Kid? What kid?" smell!

I am doing a giveaway over at my Scentsy page and all YOU have to do is "like" the fan page. That's IT! Right now we're shooting for 50 fans, once I get to 50 I'll be giving away a Scent Circle, every 50 after that I'll be doing ANOTHER giveaway for something a little more high end and so on and so forth. So go, SHOO!, like the page and you'll be automatically entered!

Scentsy is also doing a 10% off (nearly) EVERYTHING sale to make room for new scents and products debuting September 1st, so if there's any particular scent or warmer that you are in love with, STOCK UP NOW. I can't stress that enough! You can check on the page linked above to see just what's changing price/scent wise and what will be discontinued, but if you absolutely must have your favorite scents at 10% off, go check out my personal Scentsy site HERE.

I absolutely can't wait to give away all these products, so GO LIKE THE FACEBOOK PAGE. The more fans the page has, the better the giveaway gifts will be!

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