Sunday, August 21, 2011

Work in progress...

So I've touched here and there about our ugly as sin wood paneling, correct? I've spoken about the fact that my Grandfather built this house and pretty much his idea of decorating, well, went. He never intended for people to live here (i.e. IN THE BASEMENT) long term, and to be honest? The wood paneling itself had me itching to leave minutes after we moved in. Exhibit A:

I started priming it without ANY idea as to what I would do color wise because that's how I roll. And then? I started pinning ideas on Pinterest and I should have NEVER requested an invite because I am addicted, yo. It was a great way to bounce ideas and easily share those ideas with friends, as well as to see what strangers might think of my Living Room ideas. If you want an idea as to what I might end up with, go check here. So obviously a trip to Lowe's was in order. Exhibit B:

 "3 Olive Martini" and what was SUPPOSED to be "Sleek Gray" by Valspar... I was having an aneurysm over the price of pint prices and then saw a VERY similar gray in the "oops" section. It was meant to be, people! The Husband and I moved the majority of the furniture towards the center of the living area and got to work. We *probably* should have done the ceiling before we painted the walls... minor details, people! We'll figure it out eventually. Exhibit C:

I'm REALLY pleased with how the green and gray worked together. Everyone else is doing the yellow/gray combinations and I? Well... WHATEVER. If you squint, you can see Woody riding Rex in Exhibit D:

And the inspiration for such change? See below for Exhibit E. We have had two professional family pictures made. The first done with Lillie at 6 weeks old and the second done 2 1/2 years later as a special gift from my In-laws... and then I just HAD to go and finish the kids silhouettes and I *couldn't* put those up against an ugly paneled wall... so instead I made a centerpiece of our monogram. Suppose I should have painted earlier instead of constantly making decor for my "make-do mantel" (i.e., top of the entertainment center... SIGH...)

One day we will have our own house... ONE DAY. Until then, we are right where we need to be. The bottom line is we're not inconveniencing ourselves OR the old man upstairs by being here, and to be honest? Life keeps giving us reasons to stay, and who am I to argue with life? Plus, we're only halfway done with the Living Room re-do.*

If you don't count the ceiling and carpeting. Let's not count it, ok?


  1. I hear you on the wood paneling. My parents house is like that, it kills me. My husband re did their first floor when we lived there, and omg what a difference!

  2. I heart painting projects! Your space looks great! And I am totally with you on Pinterest--it's wicked addictive!

  3. Jackie, unfortunately the "den" upstairs is paneled too, but with a smooth wood. I don't know what my Grandfather was going for unless he was shooting for "hunting lodge."

    Kirsten, Thanks for agreeing with me, Pinterest is the devil! I just can't stop! I can't wait to finish painting.


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