Thursday, August 11, 2011

Past, Present, Future...

15 years ago, I:

1. was entering the 8th grade.
2. was madly in love with a neighbor boy.
3. spent a lot of time in our brand new above ground pool.
4. still rode the bus to school.
5. avoided my 8 year old sister at ALL costs.

10 years ago, I:
1. was working at a gas station.
2. had a boyfriend who worked for Georgia Tech (and became super, SUPER successful shortly following our breakup.)
3. contemplated marrying and moving in with my HS sweetheart who was in the military.
4. was a total diva and almost out of control.
5. met my future Husband who I was smitten with but DENIED. He went home to his Northern Family right as I left to scout out Great Falls, MT as my future home.

5 years ago, I:
1. had just met my Northern In-law's for the first time... a month AFTER the wedding... OOPS.
2. was flying internationally 3+ weeks out of the month.
3. found out I was pregnant with Lo .
4. had my own place.
5. had no idea what was coming.

2 years ago, I:
1. gave birth to Lillie.
2. was grieving the loss of my Mammaw.
3. became a Pure Romance Consultant.
4. proudly watched on as my Husband worked as a hot ass Firefighter.
5. started removing all the clutter from the first floor of the house.

1 year ago, I:
1. took the kids and Pappaw to West Virginia.
2. took Lo for his first day of Preschool.
3. got hooked on Scentsy.
4. started having massive panic attacks.
5. moved my Father back to town.

6 months ago, I:
1. joined Scentsy.
2. became the breadwinner.
3. kicked complete ASS in sales with Pure Romance.
4. had the worst month (mentally) in years.
5. didn't want to leave the house.

Yesterday, I:
1. held back Lillie's hair while she vomit all over the place. YUM!
2. went grocery shopping by myself and contemplated taking my time so I wouldn't have to go back to the house of death.
3. took my time at Starbucks instead.
4. made my famous crock-pot chicken stroganoff... but had lost all appetite come dinner time. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.
5. built rockets with the kids before puke-a-thon 2011 started.

Today, I:
1. kept a close eye on Lo who ran a fever off and on all day.
2. went over my daily intake on
3. still had no appetite despite the incessant gorging.
4. managed to get the place vacuumed up and the laundry half done.
5. have yet to tackle the dishes.

Tomorrow, I:
1. will trudge through the day with positive thoughts regarding my own odds with the stomach bug.
2. will finish the laundry.
3. will make my business calls like I've been wanting to do for days.
4. will take the kids out back if it's breezy again.
5. knock out a half done craft.


  1. This was an interesting exercise....writing from a backwards perspective. I think it would be a good way to remind yourself of all you have to be grateful for in the here and now.
    The anxiety sounds so overwhelming. I have had enough experience that my heart went out to you as I read. Sending you peaceful thoughts!

  2. Why thank you, ma'am! It was definitely a hard task for me as my memory has never been good. Reminded me of many moments involving that *almost* marriage of convenience that could have possibly changed my life completely. I can't imagine life without my kids and Husband.

  3. I am really going to try this. It was great learning a bit more about you. :) xx

  4. Thanks lady, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for your post. ;)

  5. Good job. Any one who can pull this off has my full and utmost respect.

  6. wow, this post was a very cool way to get to know you. and i hope the kids are feeling better. those stomach viruses have a way of getting around the house.
    btw, I just wanted to let you know that the link on your blogger profile by your photo is linking to another blog that says it requires permission. so, i almost didn't find you. But i'm glad I did!

  7. Amanda, SHOOOOT, this was not the life I expected for myself but I wouldn't trade it NEVER EVER!

    Saucy B. WELCOME! Ye olde blog needs to be deleted, but I can't bare to do it. Lots of saucy little secrets in there I just can't part with... yet. My twitter was doing the same thing. Gotta work out some blogger bugs. ;) Glad to see you ALL made it!

  8. Cool post! I just may borrow this idea one day soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Comments are good!

  9. Comments ARE good! Thanks for leaving one on mine. :) And borrow away, by the way, I stoled it from Secret Agent Mama. :)

  10. I loved this!! I think I may borrow the idea -and link to you of course :) You have some interesting stories in there that I want to hear more about.

  11. Thanks ma'am! You might have to keep reminding me to post, but one day I will get around to those stories. :)

  12. Love this post idea!

    Thanks for the comment:)

  13. Not a problem, ma'am, not a problem. *tips hat*

  14. This is a great idea! I will have to try it out too!!!