Monday, August 15, 2011

Green Smoothies Experiment

So last night there was a big stink on my Facebook page over my Husband sharing this link. The reason being is a.) I'm not the skinniest person alive and b.) I think a lot of people were thinking he was trying to tell me something. NO, ladies, he was not taking a jab at ye olde kangaroo pouch (you know... THAT soft poochy part on the lower abdomen from not working it on out post-partum.) So today I picked up some spinach and frozen fruits (why are they cheaper than fresh? Riddle me THAT, Riddler!) So here's our little take on the aforementioned "Green Smoothie for Weight Loss." Let's just call this a "Shrek" smoothie, mkay?

1.) Place 2 cups of your choice frozen/fresh fruits in measuring cup, plus 2 cups fresh spinach leaves.
2.) Pack into blender with 1- 1 1/2 cups water.
 4.) Uh oh! What happened? Yah, you might want to shake that like a Polaroid picture. ((Not seen, Husband shaking it like a Polaroid picture. Consider yo'selves spared.))
 5.) Drink up, baby! I let the Husband have this one because a.) strawberries are seedy and SENSORY OVERLOAD NO THANKS and b.) he's a much better guinea pig and ALSO c.) I've changed enough diapers and that whole red fruit + green leafy vegs = diaper surprise? No bueno. I'll pass this time around.
6.) Once you trust your Husband's review that it was definitely do-able, make yourself one with peaches/bananas/spinach and enjoy your heartburn 20 minutes later. Wondering what it would taste like with a few Tums involved. Anything slightly acidic (heeeey, peaches!) gives me heartburn. Thank God I didn't choose that tempting pineapple or I would be in tears right now.

I will admit, that while overall I didn't get a "green veg" taste while drinking, I did notice a certain "twangy" aftertaste like iron. Could also be the tap water I used to blend it with because my case of water in the back of the car is STILL in the back of the car.


  1. I've been thinking about trying Kombucha but the whole process and "mother piece" just turns me off to it. Again, another sensory thing. If I could get past that mental block I'd do it.

  2. We'll see... I'll have to seriously think about not thinking about the Scoby's.

  3. We have one of these most mornings! My son and I love them, the rest of the fam drink it to shut me up. I use frozen blueberries and a fresh banana as my fruit and through in a little flaxseed to help with our fiber intake for the day. So yummy!

  4. Flax seed is kind of like a laxative in our house, we use sparingly if at all. I am sure it is SO AWESOME for us, but no thanks. I like my heiney to not hurt. :) My Husband quietly stopped talking about them after I made my first few. We'll see if I can stick with having the stuff in the house long enough to see it make a difference. :)


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