Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 17. Bokeh.

I gotta admit something. I don't get Bokeh. Maybe if I had a fancy schmancy camera with a DIY Bokeh filter I would understand it, but I... I just don't. So here's a picture I Bokeh-fied using Foto Flexer as it was FREE (thanks for nothin, Picnik!) Yesterday we went to Lowe's with my Grandfather and picked up some paints (of course I was short one gallon, uuuuuuuugh) and headed to Chic-Fil-A for the Princess's favorite "chicken and fwies" for lunch. I'm pretty sure she ran off her lunch in the indoor playground before we even left the restaurant. More pics/horror stories from the living room paint experiment to come. Prepare yoselves for some cursery and bad bad words! I also need to tell you about the time I traded my daughter and an economy size pack of paper towels for a Preschool education. Because I am obviously confused about my intentions when it comes to my kids educations. Not a hypocrite, just... confused. Without further ado, BOKEH TIME, AMIGOS!

Queen of slides. All slides. Don't you dare try to go down to slide town while SHE'S around.


  1. Thanks! I still don't know if I did the whole "Bokeh" thing correctly. Thank God the next assignment is "eyes." THAT I can do.

  2. I do a little bokeh here and there, sort of accidentally. You might consider checking out - Photography. Search for bokeh and you'll see a billion examples of her bokeh with food photos. Mm, now I'm hungry again!

  3. So I checked out the Pioneer Woman and all my questions? ANSWERED! I might have to do a re-do on this assignment. :)

  4. I have no idea what Bokeh is (yeah, I'm not part of the camera generation yet apparently) but the pic is awesome... and you've kind of got me wondering about that paper-towel-preschool trade.

    Thanks for blessing my page. :-)

  5. I'll get to the preschool trade off on Tuesday... probably about 10 minutes after I finish hyperventilating because, my baaaaby!


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