Monday, April 22, 2019

Peace out, Girl Scouts!

And then it made so much sense. Too much sense. Like I’ve heard this story time and time again, but it’s never applied to my life before as I’ve never in my life been unfaithful. I’ve never in my life pursued someone unavailable or pursued someone while still within a committed relationship.

My mama always told me “misery loves company.” How miserable are the two of you that you can’t have a civil conversation with me before accusations are flung far out of left field? How miserable are the two of you that you both badger me to tears over stupid bullshit? If you look back, historically cheaters are never fulfilled by their relationships BECAUSE they are always suspicious that the other is sneaking behind their back. Plot twist, you will ALWAYS get back what you put into the world. Always. And it’s not ever going to involve me. My hands were washed clean of the both of you the moment I was gutted by your words to one another on the computer screen.

Going forward with this mindset in the very forefront of my mind, I’m not going to answer petty questions or accusations. Misery loves company and there’s zero reason for me to accept that invitation. As for the two of you, you deserve each other and all of the inconsistent uncertainty you bring one another.

As for me and my family, we will live in peaceful quiet where we don’t have a need to question motives or hidden agendas of the others we surround ourselves with.

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