Monday, June 4, 2012

Nuggets of Joy.

While at work, I can only imagine what happens while "Daddy Day Care" is in session. Most days I come home to what appears to be Lillie running the show and the boys are dressed in drag. I don't judge, but I think perhaps maybe there's an obvious confusion of roles. Perhaps she knows the woman of the house is in really the one in charge? If so, my job here is done.

The new place is coming along. Still needs a few things, you know, like appliances would be nice. But the floors are phenomenal and I am so stinking excited with all the decorating possibilities. That right there? Is the sunroom/playroom. It has a walk in storage closet (carpeted) off of it so big, I plan on putting one of the bookshelves in there along with some bins so the kids can PICK UP THEIR DAMN TOYS when they're done and put them in the closet. Hell, I don't care if there are days where they just open the door and kick them inside the closet. So long as I'm not stepping on the bulk lot of Legos I just picked up on Ebay for Lo's birthday... which is a month from tomorrow... he will be FIVE... hold me.

Click the picture for the link, but I think it's really awesome growing up hearing of the feud first hand from my McCoy family. My Grandmother's Mother grew up during that era. If you haven't clicked the link, you'll find my Great Grandmother (Cora Rae McCoy) listed under the children of Addison McCoy and Elizabeth Estep. And yes, Lillie Rae was named after her. Now that I've seen the 3 part series on the History Channel and read up some more on the McCoys, it seems only fitting that our scrappy little Honey Badger was named after a McCoy at all.

Yesterday we celebrated our 6th anniversary. I got him a dresser, but he's only allowed to use one drawer of it. Love, it is a maple dresser with a giant mirror attached. No, but really, six years... as of Memorial Day we had been together for 8 years. When this next Christmas rolls around, we will have been friends for ELEVEN years. I love that Man. (Obviously.)


  1. Beautiful! Even the boys in drag while Lillie runs the show. She knows what's up - good girl!

    It's really great to see nuggets of joy this morning. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I love the looks on their faces, like they can't tell whether their jewelery matches their outfits and she's EATING IT UP. I've obviously done my job right by her. :)

      I was glad to get a post out! It's been TOO long!

  2. Awww!!! So much to say here... Happy Anniversary!! What a gorgeous photo, my dear. Smashingly beautiful bride. And yay for the new place, that sun-room, I am jeallie. Hilarious interpretation of daytime social order! LOL Cool beans about the honey badger's namesake, that is way interesting. Gosh, thanks for taking time to share. I know you have your hands full right now!! Keep up the happy! xoxo

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I need a re-shoot with that dress. It's too big for me now. :)

      Now that Daddy has his very own tattoo gun (he's learning), the Honey Badger has taken to "tattooing" herself with her markers on days I'm at work. Time to hide the markers (and maybe the tattoo gun too.)

      My hands are so full I can barely lift my arms! Life is good, too good even! Only 25 days left in the basement!!! I'm busting my butt to make sure I can make it "home."

  3. Oh my!!!! I just LOVE the picture of the two of you. That smile on your happy face makes me very happy for you!

    How cool that you are the "real McCoy" so I will click and learn more. I find history very fascinating!

    Love your rehab project. That sunroom looks beautiful.

    1. I had a near panic attack right before the wedding, that's another story (one that I might have actually written about on here.) 10 minutes before the ceremony began I was SCREAMING into my best friend's phone to pull over and ask for directions, his response was, "The beach is to the right of me, I'll eventually get there... surely I'm close if the beach is in my line of sight." Um, hello... Florida is nothing BUT coastline, dear.

      There were many stories told growing up about my McCoy side, makes me sad I'm missing the reunion this year. :(

      I wish I could say the rehab project was my own, but alas, it is the company I work for's. I lease apartments (LOVE MY JOB!!!) and one of the perks is cheap rent.