Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oooooh, Sparkly!

First things first, the underlying beat in this song has been my ear worm all damn day. ALL DAY. I feel like I'm on speed and I've never ever in my life hand on my heart touched the stuff. The worst part about all of this is that all though "Idioteque" is one of my most favorite songs of all time, this album was playing on repeat during one of the worst nights of my life. One of those nights where you wonder if you're going to make it home alive. Good thing for Radiohead, I can typically forget about that night once I'm entranced by the song itself.


Now then... what else was there? OH!!! Mama's been FEATURED over at The M Half!!! When I saw she had a yoga challenge going on, of COURSE I accepted. Perfect timing on her behalf, no? If you'd like to read more of my yoga guest post, follow the yellow brick road.  I love her so much, seriously you guys. She made the button above for my Ear Worms, she put out that she was accepting guest posts with me in mind (I feel so special!) and she is constantly motivating me and cheering me on. What's NOT to love? So go check her out. leave her some lovin, and come tell me how blissed out you feel after visiting her blog!

And lastly, here's a little teaser straight from Rosie HERSELF on our Ready, Set, Go program!!! I am so honored to have been selected and can't wait to see all of my fellow ladies on the 8th (as well as the celebrity guest, AND NO I DON'T KNOW WHO SHE IS!!!) So stop asking already. If you check the clip out, I am second row up and the farthest to the left. And yes, I am grabbing a hold of the wall/rail because OMGPANICATTACK. One day I'll have my anxiety under control, until then, I'm good for a laugh or two.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program... ((BTW, if any of you see the Rosie commercial where we're all lip-syncing - you'll know it when you see it - PLEASE let me know when and where it came on at! I'm dying to see it for myself!))


  1. All these Rosie posts have been adorable. I'm so happy/excited for you!

  2. LOL, you called me adorable. It's called neurotic and anxious, girl! Thanks for checking in! :)

  3. *I* am ever-so-honored you find time in all your busy-ness not just to visit me, but to write a fun & fabulous guest post! I'm sure you increased my readership ten-fold! Remember, *you* are awesome! Keep it up, girl! xoxo

  4. YOU! You are awesome! And we'll see about increasing your readership, pretty sure we have the same amount of followers. ;)

  5. Hey there, it's one of your fellow Ready-Set-Go ladies. The commercial where we're lip-syncing is on The Rosie Show website. That's me saying "the food was good and I wasn't hungry". We're celebs! How are you doing? No cheating, right? :D

  6. RONNI!!!! I'm so excited to see you comment, how on EARTH did you find me!??! Victoria sent me your info for Facebook and no sooner had I friend requested you, I saw this comment... sneaky sneaky! I'm doing GREAT, and absolutely no cheating! I told "Victoria's Secret" that I justified my TWO TABLESPOONS of hummus the other day because I had walked 4 miles AND done an hour of yoga later that day, of course I'm starving at 11 o'clock that night and you'd best BELIEVE plain ol' carrot sticks weren't going to cut it. LOL. Go friend me so I can add you to our Rosie Group. :)


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