Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 Things You Should Never Ask Your Spouse

  1. I can't reach this giant zit in the middle of my back. Which one? The one that looks like Mt. Vesuvius. Could you take care of that for me?
  2. Your Mother called, she wants to know if you can pick her up from the airport.
  3. I know you had plans to play Call of Duty with your brother, but I REALLY can't wait to watch the new episode of Grey's. Do you think he'd mind if you started your game 30 minutes late?
  4. You want to go to Chicago with me? Sorry, I'm taking my Mother instead. Next time?
  5. Can you help me pick out an outfit? ((And then I continue to get more depressed with each outfit I try on.))
  6. Can you go to the store? ((More because I never know what he'll come back with and then I'll have a stroke trying to explain that I HAD COUPONS FOR THAT!!!))
  7. Will you check out the (insert car part here)? It's been knocking/squealing/"whumping"/not running for WEEKS!
  8. Can you wash the cat for me?
  9. My neck hurts, will you rub it? ((Seems innocent enough, but would YOU want your spouse to stop massaging after he was done with the neck? SERIOUS.))
  10. Looks like we're having company this (insert random holiday or day that ends with "y.") Can you? Wait... where'd you go?!??


  1. I love the humor in this post! I love that he disappears at the end.

  2. Hahahaha... great list! I am so glad my husband isn't a gamer. I do have to give up the DVR once in while if favor of his soccer games that he has recorded, so I guess it is almost the same thing.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!

  3. LOL, JDaniel, He does tend to disappear! Quite often actually when he sees me being productive.

    Babaloo, You're very welcome. :)

  4. Sounds about like a man...spouse or not! LOL. Just here via Mama Kat's writing prompts, of course :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my place earlier.

  5. HA! Number 5 cracks me up! I wish I would ask my husband to pick out an outfit. LOL!

  6. LOL at #10. He's hit his limit.

  7. #8 sounds just like my hubby - I don't think he has ever washed our dog ;)

  8. All 10 of these were great....I could only imagine the outfit Scrooge would've picked out for me.

  9. Kim, You're very welcome. :)
    Cam, My Husband doesn't pick out outfits, I just watch his face for sheer terror. If he looks frightened, it's obviously better suited for "What Not To Wear."
    Arnebya, He hits his limit EVERY DAY with me. We are polar opposites.
    Tianac, He's the only one who finds joy in washing the cat. It's the only time he's allowed to "torture" his least favorite pet. ((And no, he doesn't REALLY torture animals. Just had to put that out there before I got a nasty comment.))
    SisterSister, I would not wear a single item my Husband put together for me unless it was something simple like "Can you grab a dressy top for me?" I've seen the way he dresses our daughter on days I'm swamped. It's scary.

  10. Love this! And that last one? That's usually me running away instead!

  11. Kimberly, you're too funny! I can't run away from him, it's my goal in life to make him run. ;)