Saturday, July 23, 2011


I will not miss coming home to the smell of "Home Sweet Basement."
I will not miss the overabundance of ticks and fleas and our wilderness that is the yard.
I will not miss the A/C being set on 80 degrees year round.
I will not miss vacuuming up drywall.
I will not miss racing to my children in the morning to make sure they don't eat candy and donuts for breakfast.
I will not miss dumping the dehumidifier twice a day.
I will not miss standing up to my calves in water when showering.
I will not miss our 50 year old oven.
I will not miss our cat finding new ways to make his way into the drop ceiling.
I will not miss the darkness of bedrooms with no windows.

I will miss being within a stones throw of my family... sometimes.
I will miss my Grandfather and the way he lit up when the kids (or cat) would come up to visit.

There is too much to be gained by moving on. We will leave behind memories and many MANY firsts, but it's too easy to get comfortable here. It's too easy to say that this is good enough, to accept responsibility for someone's well being, when it means overlooking our own.

It's time for us to grow up and we are so very close, less than a year close... if not less than a month. It's time for us to accept responsibility as adults, as parents. To come out into the light. I say "soon" all to often with my own children, but I can without a doubt promise myself that "soon" in this context really IS right around the corner. It might not even be this house that welcomes us home, but it will be very similar if not right next door.

Come on in!

So much room to run and spin and LEAP! ((And soak, if you happen to be eyeballin' that garden tub in the master bath.))

"Dis my woom. Is not bruddah's."


  1. Change is always a learning and growing experience ... not always fun, but learning and growing are key :-) Good luck, and your blog looks great!

    <3 Katie

  2. Thanks so much, KLo for stopping in! I hope you're gonna hang around. :) Hopefully great things are just around the corner for us and you better believe I'm gonna blog about it!!!


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