Monday, July 11, 2011

Now... WHERE WAS I??!?

So, getting back to the 30 Day Photo Challenge about 30 days late (oops! MY BAD!)

Day 3: As I touched on with my Birthday post for Lo, he's always going. ALWAYS GOING. He gets frustrated when something (i.e. life) stands in his way and he wants to do things himself. ALWAYS. He loves to learn new things, so long as the learning process lasts all of a second or two. The one thing he's been introduced to in his short 4 years that stops him in his tracks and slows him down to the point where he can actually focus? Video games. It started out with watching his Daddy play some old school Mario Kart on his computer and a light bulb went off over my own head. I broke out and dusted off my old Dreamcast and popped in some Crazy Taxi. BOOM! I had a WHOLE NEW CHILD. It was the strangest thing to witness. Within a few days he could tell me how to get somewhere on the game faster than I could in my heydays as a gamer. No, we don't allow him to play games all the time. Yes, we allow him to play for roughly an hour each day, DEPENDING on his behavior the previous day and ONLY during "quiet time" or what we like to call nap time around these parts. He got a Leapster for his Birthday which, YES, I do allow him to play with when he's not playing the Xbox as it satisfies my want for something a little more educational than any of the games he plays on the BIG system. I'm floored how even with the Leapster he's learning faster than I can think. And yes, you are more than entitled to your opinion about letting my 4 year old play video games, but remember that I stand firm on how I choose to raise my own child. Doesn't mean you can't put up a good argument and I won't take them into consideration.

Day 4: Clouds. THIS is the view right above our entrance to our part of the house. I love the combination of trees and the coverage they give and I can't imagine how blazingly hot it would be in this house right now if we didn't HAVE this amount of shade. Did I mention my Grandfather keeps the AC on 80 degrees pretty much year round? He does. And now you know.

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