Monday, March 28, 2011

From the mouths of babes...

The other day as I'm folding laundry in my Grandfather's den (our laundry room is upstairs in his part of the house), the Princess picks up the receiver of my old Fisher-Price telephone and says, "Hi, Gigi! How you? Me have pink toenails! I go Gamma's house! We play at Monkey Joes!" Now, none of this may make any real sense to you, but if you're family you'll know that "Gigi" is what Stinky referred to my Mammaw (Grandmother) who passed a month before the Princess was born. So... She's never met her, but she's channeled frequently through Fisher-Price. So ANYWAYS, back to the story at hand. My Grandfather catches wind that the Princess is talking to Gigi and asks her to tell Gigi hello for him. Without missing a beat, the Princess says, "Hewwo? Gigi? Bobbaw says HI!" Seconds pass and she turns to him and says, "Bobbaw? Gigi says HI!!!" Her enthusiasm was as excessive as those exclamation points. Pretty sure I'm not the only one who teared up in the room. Even though I get panicky and ridiculous when thinking of things like the afterlife and communication with those who've passed, you had better believe that I listen extra closely when she's "talking" to Gigi.

Last night as I'm literally crawling into bed, Stinky begins screaming from his room. By the time I find my glasses, he's hysterical. Upon entering his room he immediately calms down and I can barely make out some story he's concocting about how he and I used to fly airplanes. I correct him by reminding him that he wasn't born yet when he flew around the world with me, he was still in my belly. There's silence on his behalf and then he asks how he got out. YOU try discussing labor and childbirth with a 3 year old at 2 in the morning. Here's my story...

Me: Stinky, once upon a time you were SO small, smaller than your head currently is and you fit in my belly.
Him: How did I get there?
Me: ((Silence))
Him: Mom.
Me: You grew there like a tree.
Him: How did I get out?
Me: ((Silence))
Me: I went to the hospital--
Me: NO. They helped me and made sure you and I were healthy and strong.
Me: NO, Stinky, nobody cut you out.
Him: I was a baby?
Me: YES. Now go to sleep.
Him: And then I grew up?
Me: Kind of, but one day you'll be as big or bigger than Daddy.
Him: I don't WANT to be as big as Daddy!
Me: We'll cross that bridge when we get there.
Him: Can we drive over the bridge?
Me: ((Silence))
Today we had a dentists appointment to get x-rays of the Princess teeth. One of her front top baby teeth started turning pink around Christmas. Seeing as Stinky was constantly knocking his teeth at her age and they would sometimes turn a different shade I didn't think much of it. And then it chipped and bled and I changed my mind. Turns out, it's internal resorption of her tooth. As of today, it hasn't progressed much since we went in January to get it checked out initially so it looks as if she'll be waiting a few more months for her first visit from the tooth fairy. She had a new hygienist today that she didn't really hit it off well and she ended up biting her finger. In the Princess's defense, I will say that the hygienist was a bit rough with the bite plate for the x-ray machine and the Princess's patience was wearing thin after the 4th try. 6 tries in and I would have bit her myself. Even when you know as a parent that it's JUST an x-ray, it killed me to see my baby's eyes well up with tears after the first few times of having the bite plate in her mouth.

I know I created this blog in the hopes that I would write more often, but it seems as if I'm writing less. It's not because I have less things to say, but because life has been excruciatingly busy lately. I found out not even a week ago that I'm headed to Nashville this upcoming Sunday because my Pure Romance "Mama" Consultant needed a replacement for her Husband who fell ill. I'm also juggling Scentsy, typical household stuff and attempting to be a better Granddaughter and all around "tenant" to my Grandfather who I'm very grateful for, but I don't feel I show my gratitude as well as I think it.

Keep your eyes peeled (but don't hold your breath) for another post sometime this week. :) I promise it will be slathered with pictures and links and God knows what else!

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