Friday, December 9, 2011

Ye Olde Job Hunt

For the past month I have been actively looking for a stable source of income that doesn't involve dancing on tables (seeing as I have no rhythm I wouldn't be a good candidate anyways) or joining the circus (I could run my OWN circus, thank you very much.) I've been scouring Craigslist and Indeed on a nightly basis, putting in applications and submitting resumes on average of 25-50 a week. This past week, for the FIRST time in the entire month I've been searching, I received not one but TWO phone interviews. I'm not complaining. I'M NOT complaining. Don't look at me like that.

The reason I'm not complaining is that it took a month to finally get the interest of actual career type jobs. I have two children, I want a future for them that involves more than minimum wage. I don't want them to worry or look back at how hard I had to struggle for us to get from point A to point B. I know that my chances of getting into another career outside of flying is going to be difficult. I knew that going into my hunt. The ONLY thing outside of parenting that I've excelled at in the past 10 years IS being a Flight Attendant. Maybe one day I'll go back to that, but more than likely not. I don't want to be across the country or the world and get a phone call that Lo or Lillie is sick. It would literally shatter my Mommy heart. Without formal training for anything outside of flying, it's been fun (in a not so fun way) to come up with new and creative ways of saying,

"Yes, I have training with children aged 3-6!" (Um... my own children, play groups, assisting with field trips, little family members.)
"Yes, I know languages outside of my own!" (I studied 4 years of Spanish and 2 years of German in High School, both I used frequently when flying... ask me to write an essay in either language and I would fail MISERABLY.)
"Yes, I have knowledge of office programs and clerical work!" (I blog! I drunk file right before tax time -- filing that includes massive amounts of margaritas premixed in a jug. I am OCD about my coupons!)
"Yes, I am GREAT with people and have excellent phone skills!" (Once a month I called past customers for Pure Romance and Scentsy... before that I handled calls and customer transactions at the retail positions I held.)

I mean... seriously. I can't change my past or my formal educations (or lack thereof in my case.) Luckily for me, the two Employment opportunities I have sound fantastic. One works with recycling automotive parts (I'm down with being Green) and the other is working as a Teacher's Assistant. The latter would be the BEST opportunity for everyone in our family. The school itself is a Montessori school that works with children from 3 years old through High School. With Lo starting Elementary school next year, Lillie will have to change schools anyway. There's no way I'm driving 3 miles in one direction first thing in the morning and then turning around to drive 15 miles in the other. Gas doesn't just sneak over and fill up my car each night either. It would also give me time with my kids (it's part time, I'd be workin' with the youngest groups) and allows me to Homeschool should we ever decide to take that route. Yeah, I went there without elaborating AGAIN.

On a slightly different note, I have a wish for Christmas. Just one. I want a working shoulder for my Husband. I don't want him to be in pain anymore, and I want for him to be able to have his strength both for himself and for us as a family. Attempting to get any kind of help through government programs has been a nightmare, but while we're waiting on the planets to align and for paperwork to be filed properly (as it's never filed properly the first time, right??!? Unless I'm doing it myself obviously), he's still in pain. He still goes to bed each night sick at his stomach from either the pain or what the pain killers do to his system. So that's what I want for Christmas this year. Health and peace of mind.

I guess what I'm asking for, oh great Blog'O'Sphere, is prayers and good thoughts sent my way. That if THIS is the path we're meant to be taking, that it all works in the end without too much frustration and heartache.


  1. Sending prayers your way... I understand about being in a desperate job hunt. That was us about 2 years ago.

  2. I hope your husband's should get better. The assistant job sounds great! I hope to be one when my son gets older too.

  3. Thanks for the prayers, keep 'em comin! Gotta week to think about how I shall woo them with my awesomeness (and hope they don't see through the fact that I have no formal education whatsoever!)

    JDaniel, I am keeping my fingers crossed we can get his shoulder checked out sooner than later. I'd like to have a fully functioning Husband before this winter is over.

    Betsy, I'm glad to hear that you survived your own desperateness. It gives me hope!

  4. Many, many hugs, lots of love, peace, and strength your way for you, Hubby, Lo, and Lillie. You are in my heart, girl.

  5. Oh M, I'm glad I'm in your heart, I just wish we lived closer!


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