Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We wish you a scary Christmas...

Pray. It's all I'm asking of my blog readers, if you can pray, do it. It's been a rough week in casa de la Supahmama.

Last week marked three years since my Mammaw passed.
Christmas Eve went without a problem.
Christmas Day went without a problem.
The day after Christmas my Father had a heart attack on what he thought was going to be a short day trip across state lines.
I still haven't been to see him.

It's not because I don't want to go be with him, but because of other unfortunate circumstances which make me feel selfish and of course sends me into a panicked state. I am one giant twitchy eyelid away from a stroke. So pray.


And so we don't leave this post as the most depressing post ever, there's always this:

 Christmas Eve. Also proof I'm not a liar when I say that Lo is a.) an animal whisperer and b.) has the greatest sweetest little man face on the planet.

Christmas Day. Also? He is going to be the biggest nerd/fanboy in High School. At least he's ridiculously good looking. That ought to make up for his extensive knowledge of all things Lego/Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Marvel/Pirate's of the Caribbean. God bless his poor little doomed heart. And yes, there is a very real possibility that I failed as a Mother this week and these might possibly be the only two pictures of Christmas 2011. Go me.


  1. Big hugs, much love, and gobs of prayers your way, sweet woman. Allow yourself to be wrapped in the warmth of friendship, even across the miles.

  2. M is here at the farm and she & I were sharing warm thoughts for you just yesterday. Hoping you get all kinds of good news SOON. Sans eyelid stroke.
    Your son is flat out adorable!

  3. We often joke that he smiles like he's trying to make the movie poster for "40 Year Old Virgin." I just might have to make a post about JUST that. We're waiting to hear today whether or not he's cleared to leave. Once we know that we're springing him!

  4. I hope that all is well in your house now. My son got all sorts of Legos for Christmas, too! It is my hope that it will take him at least the next year to play with all of them.

    Happy New Year!

  5. It just wouldn't be an end to a horrible year for us if I didn't end up in the hospital as well. More on that later, I'm hoping for something better to happen so I can NOT have yet another sad or depressingly awkward post to start the New Year off with.

    As for Legos, my Son would know nothing about Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Batman without Legos. One day we'll remedy that the proper way. :)


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