Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two tubes of super glue later...

Let's make a Tea Wreath! What's that, you ask? Why it's a cutesy little wreath with tea! LOTS OF TEA! I saw this idea on, you're never gonna guess... PINTEREST!!! Kojo Designs has a pretty sweet little website, and I hope I do her wreath justice. Mine's a little more plain than hers (see yesterday's post about my MIA glue gun.) A certain family member of mine was asking me about tea and how she'd never really experienced different kind of teas outside of regular old southern style sweet tea. I decided to remedy this. If she's reading this, I sure hope she can act surprised on Christmas Day!

To make a Tea Wreath, you'll need:

-two pieces of 12x12ish cardboard (I used some board I had saved from some linens purchased earlier this year)
-patterned paper that compliments your kitchen decor (Used some fancy cat paper I was smitten with from Michael's it was the last piece I could find)
-clothes pins (I used 16)
-hot glue (or in my case, super glue)
-ribbon for hanging

 So frickin' cute!!!

 Step 1: Trace two circles onto your board, I used a pasta pot lid and a c.d. (what's a c.d. again???) Trace the circles onto your fancy paper and snip slits to wrap around the board for a more seamless appearance.

Step 2: Mod Podge the slips down and let dry. 

 Step 3: Glue clothespins evenly spaced across the front of the wreath and the ribbon on the back. Once they're dry/hardened, add your tea to the pins. Overlap all fancy like. Your recipient will love it. I also slipped little creamers and (light bulb) fancy flavored Splenda packets. 

Chai, Black Tea, Jasmine Green, Vanilla Tea, Chamomile, the works, y'all! See you all again tomorrow!


  1. FABULOUS!!!!! feeling like a brew right now!!!! i'll take Chai : ) hugs...

  2. I'm very particular about my Chai! I'm hoping she likes it too. :)

  3. It looks FANTASTIC- you did a great job. :)

  4. Ah!!! You replied!!! I almost never get responses from the authors of blogs linked back to. I'm honored that you like it! :) ((However, I picked up the ribbon this morning to see it in all it's glory on the wall, and can you believe I TOTALLY glued the ribbon in the wrong place? MORTIFIED! Looks like I'll be carefully peeling and regluing later today!))


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