Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mama's Top 5

 Ewan McGregor

 Gavin Rossdale

 Gwen Stefani

 Jack Johnson

Jason Statham

Who are these beautiful people? Why, they're my "Should something ever happen to my Husband (cough cough) and I just so happen to be propositioned by any one of these celebrities... let's just say I wouldn't turn them down," list.
Thanks Mama Kat for making me feel naughty before my interview.



  1. Hmmm....would love to see a photo of your hubby because I definitely think you have "a type". These men have a certain look...and not a bad look at that!

  2. LOL, I do have "a type." It's that strong European nose. :) My Husband's family has a strong Dutch/Finnish heritage... and strong features obviously. I'll get a pic up soon, heck, maybe I'll get around to actually doing an "about me" tab!

  3. Um, Ewan McGregor is my alternate boyfriend {or Ryan Gosling}. So cute! :)

  4. I've been smitten with him ever since Trainspotting when he starred as a filthy drug addict. The hotness was still underneath the grime and "spinning head" baby on the ceiling. :)

  5. A. Cheers, Jason Statham!
    B. No Daniel Craig? We can't be friends anymore.
    C. Have you seen the awesome Ryan Gosling jokes on Pinterest?

    Way to relate your picks to your hubby. LOL
    Merry Christmas funny girl.

  6. A. Yum Yum Jason Statham Yum.
    B. Can I say he was number 6?
    C. NO! I HAVE NOT! Can you believe I've been limiting my Pinterest time for the past week from 20 hours a day to 0???? It's for my own good. I still have 4,136,422 cookies to make and not enough clean containers to package them all pretty like. Must. FOCUS. Christmas in T minus 8 days, people!

    My Hubby is delishus. That is all. ;)

  7. Ewan is mine. All mine. Forever.

    Visiting from Mama Kat's


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