Monday, December 12, 2011

It's oh so quiet... SHHH... SHHH...

I'm fighting a migraine. Lookit the pretty pictures! ((Also, note that Lillie is the subject of many pictures... I so do not favor her... it's just... have you ever TRIED to catch a 4 year old boy to get him in a picture? NOT. EASY.))

 "Dat no-man, he is dead. Me ate his body." The downside of having a little girl who idolizes her big "brudder" is that she's totally into offing some bad guys... even if they're marshmallow snowmen. I added the red Skittles around his head for emphasis of the snow-massacre.

 Say, "CAVITIES!!!"

 Several bags of candy later... THIS one might need an intervention.

 Oh... you has GOTS to be kidding me!!! It's one thing to market Christmas days before Thanksgiving... but Easter before Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day AND St. Patrick's Day? That's just 100% ridiculous.

 Even though she's wearing a big girl face these days (and showing signs of a big girl body SAD FACE SAD FACE SAD FACE SOB) she still opens and shuts her mouth with the open and shut of her scissors. "I helpin' you, Mama! We need coffee an' eggs an Danonino!"

 They were EXCEPTIONALLY naughty that day. Exceptionally being the understatement of the year.

 Thank God for free Library programs. Our schedule is full of the library's "Sing and Play" days and Michael's "Make and Take" events.

My lady love "M" from "The M Half" thinks I'm a winner. We'll get more to this award tomorrow, ok?

I have an interview in the morning. You guys ready for this? This is God testing me. I lose 25 pounds and the first interview I have scheduled is with the East Coast equivalent of "Sprinkles."  Please oh PLEASE let's all hope that they don't give their employees a free daily cupcake or else I am really going to be having a conversation with Him. The best part is I didn't realize I had a migraine brewing until it hit me full on in the middle of Bath and Body Works tonight. Talk about irony. BRIGHT SHINY LIGHTS! OVER POWERING SCENTS! BRING IT ON! And then I walked through Kroger begging myself not to dry heave in the middle of the dairy aisle. If you've never had a migraine, just imagine the worse hangover ever. That comes the day AFTER the worst headache over. I'm trying hard to convince myself that maybe this isn't a migraine, but just the worst headache in the history of man and I won't have a migraine hangover oh, you know, AT MY FIRST INTERVIEW. HAHAHAHAHAHA AWESOME. So wish me luck and all that jazz, because I'd love to no longer worry about having no income whatsoever. Ok?

Also, we're still wishing for a hero. If you can't help, please spread the word. We're two weeks out from Christmas and I'd like to be able to slip a little envelope in his stocking telling him we can finally start the process towards recovery. We are only $50 away from the orthopedist's deposit requirement, the rest covers payments to get us to tax time. Thank God for payment plans.


  1. Your little ones are just beautiful. They look so happy, thank you for sharing!!
    Love that chalk drawing, is that what happens when the sugar crash comes?
    Best wishes at your ironic interview, glad you can laugh about it!
    Take care of yourself, prayers on the way.

  2. Thanks, lady! I'm pretty partial to them myself. The chalk drawing actually came the day BEFORE the Gingerbread Houses!!! And they honest to God, NEVER get sugar like they did yesterday. Oh my word, that was just AWFUL. Lillie's eyes were glazed at one point. I was frightened for my life. My interview with ok, but the best part was waking up and doing my "weigh in" and being 30 pounds (not the previously mentioned 25.) Even if I didn't get the job (won't know till sometime before the New Year), I'm pretty sure this day was written for me in His book. The only parking space available was right in front of American Eagle Outfitters... which I haven't been able to wear in nearly 6 years. I walked in and a 14 fit me PERFECT. I may or may not have cried in the dressing room. Eventually I'll get a blog out about it. :) Thanks for the prayers, they're always appreciated around these parts. :)

  3. Ahh, the glazed eye of a sugared up grade schooler. Terrifying indeed.

    Kudos on the poundage, I have about 15 I'd be happy to never see again.

    You have such a great attitude, cannot wait to hear your good news!!


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