Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thank God Blogger thinks I'm on the West Coast!

Could have been a CLOSE one... So day 1 of the photo challenge. You guys sure you're ready for this? I had to give the picture a nice "glow" to it because, OMGFACESOFMETH over here. I may or may not be in the midst of "the curse" and I break out like a 16 year old boy every time. EVERY. TIME. Trust me, I saved your eyeballs from certain blindness.

That Mona Lisa smile I got goin on? That's the look of relief that both kids are in bed and I am no longer screaming alongside them in hysterics. Ever had to bathe a high strung kid who's knee is skinned? No? Can I live with YOU?


  1. Faces of meth. hilarious. (though not true)

  2. HAH, you can thank Piknik you didn't have to see what was underneath all that fancy effect!