Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2. Shoes.

These are the WORLDS BEST flippy floppies. Hands down. These will be my next pair... maybe... If I don't succumb to something sassier. Seriously though, the story on these shoes... almost FIFTEEN years ago I made my first trip cross country and fell in love with San Diego. I love anything west coast. PERIOD. We were in some little mall and I found a surf shop that had a similar pair to the flippy floppies below and let me tell you, I was using SUPERGLUE four years later in a grief stricken attempt to keep them together. And that my friends, just goes to show you how much I *loved* them. I wore them with everything, and towards the end didn't care that I was being referred to as "that hobo" by my friends... which were a bunch of GUYS if that tells you ANYTHING. I've had this particular pair since February and they are already showing signs of defeat... and every night I whisper sweet nothings to them as I tuck them ever so gingerly under the bed in hopes they'll last one more day. I love you shoes... I LOVE YOU. DON'T EVER LEAVE ME.
That's a girl who just FELL IN LOVE with a pair of flippy floppies.

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