Monday, April 11, 2011

Honey Badger doesn't hold a candle to the Princess...

I've mentioned before about the Princess's "toof" issue before here... I think. Cliff's notes version is this: We noticed around Christmas that one of her front teeth was turning pink and thought nothing of it (Stinky's teeth collide with asphalt/tabletops/EVERYTHING once every few months and turn an off grey/white at times.) Then one day it started bleeding... out of the tooth itself. Quick trip to the dentist confirmed internal resorption of the tooth. Within a month of diagnosing it things went from "awwwwwwww, pink!" to "EWWWWW, TOOF INNARDS!" Last night I did a toothbrush check and realized we didn't have chicken for dinner and pretty much half the enamel was missing on that one tooth. Needless to say what was supposed to be a "tooth check" at the dentist this morning turned into a "tooth removal." This girl? DIDN'T EVEN FLINCH when they gave her a big shot of Novocain. NOT EVEN A TEAR. I had to hold her in a bear hug from behind while they removed the tooth and while all she did was tense up, I was the one crying underneath her. Apparently she doesn't get her bad ass side from me. The ONLY time she shed a tear was when she got PISSED at the hygienist over the wad of cotton in her mouth 5 minutes AFTER they removed it (root and all btw... Honey Badger ain't got NOTHIN on the Princess.) Here's proof that you don't want to meet this girl in a back alley...


Seriously, woman? It was just a tooth. Get outta mah face.


  1. Pretty sure you had to hold her in a bear hug to keep her from biting the dentist and his aides.

  2. I wasn't too worried till she started getting pissy over the gauze thing. I then volunteered to hold it for them... you know... JUST IN CASE.

  3. Holy Frijoles!! That is one tough chick indeed!! Wow.

  4. She is TOUGH. She'll do the whole "damsel in distress" whine/cry every once in a while, but more for attention than anything else. Her brother clocked her upside the head with one of those sturdy Fisher-Price cameras the other day and not a single tear shred. Her screams, however, rattled the windows. ((And his screams that followed as she lunged at his face with her claws were just as fierce.))