Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I'm not dead, you guys. I'm totally alive and well and all is great!

The only reason you haven't seen me as of late is because I've been BUSYBUSYBUSY in what is apparently the busiest rental season of the year. We are all moved in and once I get everything unboxed and put away I will post some pics up of the new place. Trust me, I'm as excited as YOU. I'm already smitten with our little apartment and can't wait to share it with you. Something I've been meaning to research since we've moved in is EXTREME mutual deja vu. Last night at dinner I brought it up to the Husband that I feel as if at LEAST 5 times a day I'm getting weird deja vu type vibes ever since we moved in, and he turned and looked at me in disbelief because he has as well. It's so freaky, because I know without a doubt that this move was meant to be, I just want to trust that it's all for the right reasons. Have I mentioned I'm a hopeful pessimist? Have you picked up on that yet? I always always ALWAYS expect the worst and secretly cross my fingers behind my back hoping I'm wrong.

Lo turns 5 on Saturday. I am not excited. I mean, I'm excited to party and celebrate and gorge on delicious cupcakes... but 5??? NOOOOOOOOOO MAH BABY! He's making lots of new friends here that my Husband lovingly refers to as the 1500 gang (our apartment building number.) Now if only we could get rid of this pesky stray cat that likes to pee all over their "clubhouse" picnic table. We moved our "Little Tikes" outside toys yesterday (well... MOST of them) and as I left this morning the stank of cat pee wafted from their play area and LO AND BEHOLD, cat pee... all over the damn table. So, dear readers, just how on earth do I repel stray cats from my kids area?

I've missed you, internet. MISSED YOU. I want to cover you in big slobbery kisses and hug my laptop to my chest with a big sigh of relief. Unfortunately, that will still have to wait a few days as my WIFI router still hasn't shown up. Dear USPS and Amazon authorized retailer who shipped FROM a city in Georgia TO another city in Georgia, way to stay classy. High five.

So let's all cross our fingers behind our backs and be secretly hopeful that Mama gets her router... because I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep myself from slapping some people around. It's also putting a serious damper on my Bejeweled Blitz playing before bedtime. Apparently I have the worst cell phone service ever in our apartment and the only solution is to link up to the WIFI... of which I have NONE.

Cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes this weekend.


  1. Ugh! No WIFI sucks major butt! I'm glad everything else seems to be going correctly for you; can't wait for pictures.

    1. Oh girl... OH GIRL... you have no idea. NO IDEA. We are going on two weeks tomorrow with no WIFI. I just sent the worlds ugliest letter to the seller and Amazon.


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