Friday, May 4, 2012

Of Spider Bites and Other Bugs...

Because Lo is on an aspirin regimen, I don't think twice when I see bruises. This morning, however, he appeared to have a seriously nasty red/purple one almost up into his armpit and I told the Husband to be extra vigilant about how he wrestles with him and showed him the lovely "bruise." But alas, a bruise it was not. Let's talk BUGS. Specifically ticks, spiders, and anything else that makes your skin crawly and itchy. Lo is allergic to all of those things. He breaks out into hives, welts up and occasionally blows up like a puffer fish. This is where I would normally clap my hands and exclaim, "Oh YAY! Let's do benadryl shots, kiddo!"

At dinner tonight he started acting a little lethargic and asked to lay down on the couch mid meal. This is my kid who can't wait for nights like tonight where dinner consists of corn dogs and macaroni and cheese. He didn't finish his dinner and we both passed out on the couch till the Husband booted us to Lo's bedroom. Lo doesn't just fall asleep anywhere, he's the kind of kid that given the opportunity would NEVER sleep. He STAYED asleep the entire trip from the couch to bed... until an hour ago.

In my defense, I'd been cleaning all day and I never take a good candid picture. NEVER. Lo on the other hand...

After running around with my Dad once the kids were in bed, I went upstairs to deliver the old man some groceries and decided to check on my child. His covers were all kicked off and he was snoring funny, once I felt his forehead I knew he needed to come downstairs. So much for sleeping in on my birthday. I got him downstairs, dosed him with Tylenol and thought to check on that bruise. HOLY SPIDER BITE BATMAN! By this point I'm freaking out. The Husband takes over (remember, I'm freaking out, MAN) and we discover he's covered in hives and his bug bites are all a little inflamed. The area around the spider bite is definitely swollen and the site of the bite looks scabby (cue more freaking out on my part.) We decide to put him to bed like nothing is wrong and head back to Dr. Google... when the kid starts making whiny freakout noises. He's gonna hork. FABULOUS! To the bathroom he runs and no sooner than the lid goes up he chucks. I'm officially glad I brought him downstairs by now.

So, now that I'm officially just over the day in general. I'll be up first thing in the morning (hopefully with a child who only needed to puke just that one time) and dragging his little butt to the doctor. On my birthday. Happy Birthday! My son has a spider bite! HUZZAH! But at least I have bling to make things right in the world (if not for just a minute.)

Bling bling, mother fluffers. Early birthday bling courtesy of the Husband.


  1. You lucky duck for the bling! Not so much for your poor baby. Spider bites can be wicked things. Creep me out too! Happy birthday!

    1. There's a story behind the bling, but for now I'll leave it as the best birthday gift EVAH seeing as I just got home from the Emergency Room. Check the blog later for THAT story... SIGH. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!!


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