Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last Birthday post... honest!

My Father In law knows me a little too well. Chocolate on chocolate with a little chocolate on the side. Oh, and maybe a little chocolate on top. Today was my Birthday celebration with my Husband's family. I am loved, they like to make me remember that much.

All in all I had FABULOUS Birthday weekend. Did you know that all it takes to make me happy is for my dishes to be done, floors cleaned, Cuban food and pool time? No? Well now you do! I say we do this all again next weekend for Mother's Day, only maybe we throw in a little massage time? That would be the cherry on my mutha fluffin sundae fo realz, yo. Gonna keep this post short and sweet, much like myself as I need to get up really REALLY early for some elliptical and yoga time. I may or may not have indulged a little too much this weekend.

 I promise they weren't watching him drown. He's still alive and well, honest.

 Reading "Dora" with Papa. Honey Badger loves to read and be read to. Papa for the win.

 My Sister In Law likes to play with my hair. I let her because I'm a sucker for having my hair did. It's also why I had unprotected sex 4 years ago... my daughter also loves to play with my hair and something about having my hair brushed puts me into a coma. Can't sleep? Let my daughter brush your hair for you.

 If I told you what I wished for, it won't come true. Till manana, amigos!


  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday celebration..That is great. Sounds like one anyone would enjoy. Love the pictures!

    1. The whole weekend was pretty amazing, they've got big shoes to fill for Mother's Day weekend. ;)

  2. Yummy looking cake! I bet it was great. Keep celebrating...who cares!

    I adore having someone brush my hair, too!

    1. Girl, sometimes those grocery store cakes just hit all the right spots!


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